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Google reader feed not updating

If you are using any 3rd party desktop based Feed readers like Net News Wire or feed-demon (Feed Demon will also shut down with Google reader), all of them offer feed export feature.

So, all you need to do is, export OPML file, and you can later import OPML file to any alternatives which are mentioned below.

It will start archiving your data, and depending upon the size of your data, it will take little time. Once done, click on download, and it will download your Google reader data in format.

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All you need to do is, use feedly on your mobile device or on your browser, and sync with Google reader, once Google reader will shut down on 1st July, feedly will keep updating you with the latest news.If you check for updates more frequently than the specified limit, the RSS Feed publisher can temporarily or permanently block your access.Neither Microsoft nor Outlook can assist you if your access is suspended or banned by an RSS Feed publisher.RSS Feeds can become unsynchronized for a number of reasons, or may even be broken for just one session. RSS Feeds are stored in a folder titled "RSS Subscriptions" in your Outlook folder list. Navigate to the website that you want to subscribe. Rebecca Johnson has been a public-sector technical trainer since 1996.Along with creating training materials, she specializes in technical writing and how-to documentation for computer software.Now, all of them have to find an alternate option, or simply give an option to import Google reader data.You can also publish your blog on Google current, and users can subscribe to your blog updates via Google currents i OS or Android app.RSS Feed publishers can specify the maximum frequency at which a check for new postings should occur. For example, an RSS Feed might have a maximum polling frequency of 60 minutes — this means don't check for updates more than once per hour.Important: Some publishers strictly enforce these limits.However, Microsoft Outlook 2010 offers several customization options, including how frequently you get updated RSS items, where RSS items are saved, and whether or not to download attachments.When you subscribe to an RSS Feed, Outlook periodically checks for updated postings.


  1. Fix problems with feeds not updating. The following reddit feed has not been updated since Jun 19. Google Reader Features 834;.

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