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I am now going to ask all of our Cindy & Jenny fans to do some Home Work for me, this is the kind of Home Work i would have loved to do when i was younger.

There are possibly more than the 12 sets i have found & it would be great if you all could search thru all of your folders to see if there are any more pics or sets with the com logo, if you find any pics, i will see if we have the sets that match & if you find any sets or part sets, that will be massive.

He has been sharing some brilliant Gems from his collection & i hope to catch up with him again soon, rapper, SCFan Cindy set 001 Lndeq/Please feel free to share any or all for our Cindy & Jenny fans Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, i have found 10 more SC 16 sets but alas, if you have been following the old thread you will have seen these but i will post for all our new fans, rapper, SCFan, Sommers I/Hi all Cindy & Jenny fans, i am trying to build up this thread, & it would help if fans posted screen caps of their collections to compare & find new Gems.

So our Quest is, show all our fans what you have to share.

Hi to all Cindy & Jenny fans, follow this link to the best Cindy & Jenny thread on the Net bar none, latest request is for Sweet Cindy 16 sets, CD's 7,8 & 9, so let's start the ball rolling.

Here is 1 of the SC 16 sets from a fantastic fan, Jenny Pic Guy.

Part sets from Jenny Pic Guy, From sets sets EBK4/Vids & set 7 from a massive group of Cindy & Jenny fans, lake-hires.part1 CGa/lake-hires.part2 TTba X/soccer-hires-audio.part1 JRv If Oe/soccer-hires-audio.part3 F1/Set 7 - T1/400647 report Hi everyone, here is an early New Year's present. i don't know the name, but it featured cindy and jenny together. i'm not talking about the one with both of them at the mirror.

Here is another set from DVD 12 to enjoy if it's new to you, rapper, CD XMASS. SET GONE WRONG from Viperfan, thanks my friend, is there anyone out there that could re up Cindy's earlier DVD's for our new fans? C & J fans,here is another set & 2 vids to enjoy from Viperfan, Shower after farm work LXe1XKT/Here is the first video Birthday & Xmas : Yqa MD/ is Cindy on her farm B & X CD clip: YEOor JJ/A call to Jenny Pic Guy, it would be fantastic if you are able to share your Gems with all of the Cindy & Jenny fans out there, your collection is the most complete one that has been shared by anyone & i would be stoked if it could be shared with all of the fans out there, rapper 410182 And what do you have for me,. Is anybody able to add the missing gems of this set? i did not check them against what has already been posted. A3NRGAf/ X/ K/ C/ Z6a P1w F/ Xb Ac H/ DA0/Hi Cindy & Jenny fans,a massive Thank You to grover for your DVD's 5,6 & 7, with the help of your site index's i have started working on the full DVD 5.Starting with Fluxus's text index ( Big Thanks mate, for your index's ) & marrying it up with grover's site index, i went to a Brilliant fan ( Jenny Pic Guy ) who just happened to have the missing part sets at the bottom of the DVD 5 index.SC 063 WJ/Here is another SC 16 set to enjoy Oqn Ljlr/Jenny Pic Guy, if you are out there, i would really like to make contact again.To all Cindy & Jenny fans, feel free to jump in & share your collections or add these Gems to your's, rapper Hi Lu, here is a more complete set for you to enjoy, also 2 Vids to go with it, if you don't have them, rapper.Hi Cindy & Jenny fans, if you are all devoted fans like i am, nothing will stray us from our goal to share & receive as much of Cindy & Jenny that we can muster, rapper Here is set 10 of 12 that i have, Going for a walk with the Hi, i was starting to wonder if my Cindy posts had been crowded out by all that flesh & they had been missed.Here is set 11 for all Cindy fans, with one more to go.you type in the file name and it quickly finds where that file is located on your system. it gives the location before you can finish typing the complete name. grover, those programs look like they will make life (and categorizing) much easier.it's particularly helpful when you're trying to figure out where cindy's stuff belongs. Thanks, although seems a little steep, well see if it makes sense ( if I can use it with other projects) Looking forward to using them. This is some of what I found: Some people need excessive attention and get it by behaving inappropriately.Were we able to complete your Model Fever Girls collection?if not, just let me know of any sets you need or anything else you might need, thanks, rapper.


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