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I had a consultation with my best friend, Ira, and I heard her answer, “Try dating.” I try to have sex with a man called Takashi who I meet by chance, but the empty mind does not change. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: ‘The greed that can not be broken’ Yuki’s dangerous scout begins!

Marina says that her husband’s business is not going well and she is being chased by the debtors.Because of the business, my husband often vacated the house, and Ritsuko is going to be soaked in loneliness without knowing it, My friend made a meeting and got a suggestion that he would go out with him. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Ryoko, who has been living a small snack bar for her beloved daughter Mina after divorcing her husband.Mina and the Korean wave drama are all her life, and her daughter Mina insists she wants to study in the United States.The actress who plays the main part, Shimada Yoko, plays herself in a comic role. She goes to the cube of people to commit heroism and affair, and her nude ...The director is Imaoka Shinji, a genius of the “pink film” industry. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: No need to say, see the real! (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Sogo lives alone in the countryside after retirement. " The marriage of a newlywed couple and a cousin's sister begins strangely!Yoon finds out that the new vice president for the company is Hyunju, the nephew of his new father.I was having sex together and rumored to have a good pension business. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: After being abandoned by parents in childhood Kaori, who has been living in a nursery school, In terms of performance and objectivity, all the companies are good people to take a ride.However, it is known that someone from the same nursery school Every company that supports it sends out suspicion and fails. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Elite office worker Yuma and his wife Satomi go well.Coach who enjoyed his affair with various opponents for a long time without knowing his wife Reiko.He announces his farewell to his current minister Michiru for an affair with another woman. Sexy Tonge (2015) sinopsis Aikawa Shinsuke married couple of 10 years.


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