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highlighting the initial discovery shows that the geology looks, structurally at least, relatively simple (flat lying without too much in the way of faulting and complexity).Having spent a bit more time getting the know the area, is this still your opinion?

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Also the RC resource definition must be well under way? In replying, as I am sure you are aware, I cannot provide you with any material information that has not been released to ASX but I am happy to clarify matters for you.TR: We’re continuing to undertake surface mapping and sampling over Loma Bonita and the areas further to the north.This is quite a large area, certainly larger than the MDP ridge, hence it will take longer to define locations for drill sites and access tracks.I hope it’s becoming clear why I am rather bullish on Azure Minerals, a company I initially became interested in back in July, due to technical reasons I identified in it’s trading patterns.Since then, the more I research Azure, the more I’m convinced the company has an extremely bright future.No exploration drilling has yet been undertaken at Loma Bonita.Further to that, Azure geologists have suggested the deposit is likely a high sulphidation, epithermal deposit.For those of you that haven’t read my recent post on where I see commodity markets heading, I’m starting to take positions in companies in the precious metals space (particularly silver) as I see a possible rebound in metals prices in the not-too-distant future.Due to the recent down turn in the commodities sector, there are a number of exploration juniors that have found what appears to be high quality deposits, but haven’t yet experienced the rapid share price appreciation that they likely would have during bullish market conditions.I assumed: Now, obviously the above calculation is conceptual at best and is based on data from only four drill holes, geochemical sampling and the companies mapping program, but it gives some idea of the size of the resource we could be dealing with at Mesa de Plata.It’s also a similar value to that presented in a recent Research note put forward by Patersons Securities.


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