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Plusminus dating

Or is there too much commitment to date a guy who is going to spend as much as a year at a time on the opposite end of the planet getting shot at?

Im stable, my finances are stable too, but if your looking for a free lunch your at the wrong address.

Performance is nearly perfect up to five or six different stimuli but declines as the number of different stimuli is increased.

The task can be described as one of information transmission: The input consists of one out of n possible stimuli, and the output consists of one out of n responses.

Separate values for the upper and lower bounds may also be used.

For example, to indicate that a value is most likely 5.7 but may be as high as 5.9 or as low as 5.6, one may write If a difference is made, the symbols and − denote a larger advantage than ± and ∓.

For example, refers to a voltage within 10% of either side of 230 V (from 207 V to 253 V inclusive).

A third related usage is found in this presentation of the formula for the Taylor series of the sine function: Here, the plus-or-minus sign indicates that the signs of the terms alternate, where (starting the count at 0) the terms with an even index n are added while those with an odd index are subtracted.

A more rigorous presentation of the same formula would multiply each term by a factor of (−1), which gives 1 when n is even and −1 when n is odd.

The use of ⟨±⟩ for an approximation is most commonly encountered in presenting the numerical value of a quantity together with its tolerance or its statistical margin of error." may be anywhere in the range from 5.5 to 5.9 inclusive.

In scientific usage it sometimes refers to a probability of being within the stated interval, usually corresponding to either 1 or 2 standard deviations (a probability of 68.3% or 95.4% in a normal distribution).


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