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The mobile phone has been a huge magnet for invention and a window on modern technical achievements.

This fascinating progress is presented below through the careful selection of the mobiles that were the first to hit a technology mile-stone.

Many have influenced the entire industry and changed the functions and performance of a product that we all carry around every day.

It is a gallery of the most distinguished and collectable mobile phones in the world.

Motorola m300 (& Siemens m200) – World’s first mobiles at 1800 MHz (1993) 10.

IBM Simon – The birth of mobile computing (1994) 11.

Some are on show in the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in London. Technophone EXCELL PC105T – taking the mobile from the hand into the pocket (1986) 4.

Motorola Micro TAC – some firsts in size and design (1989) 5.

Samsung SCH-N300 with Verizon – the first commercial A-GPS (2001) 27.Ericsson R380 – The mobile that blazed the trail for the Smart Phone (2000) 24.Ericsson T36 – the first mobile with blue-tooth (2000) 25.Samsung MM-A700 – Turning speech into text on the mobile phone (2004) 34.Neonode N1 – First mobile with a finger swipe to unlock (2004) 35.Samsung SCH-B710 – First 3-D mobile phone Camera (2007) 42.The T-Mobile G1 Smartphone – Arrival of the Google Android Operating System (2008) 43.Nokia 8810 – Introducing style into the design of mobiles (1999) 20.Motorola L7089 Timeport -Bridging the Atlantic for travelers (1999) 21.Motorola C113a – Making the mobile phone affordable to the world’s poorest (2005) 36. Samsung B600 – The world’s first 10 MP camera (2006) 38.Ben Q S88 – First mobile with OLED display (2006) PERIOD 2007 – 2015 (From the Feature phone to the Smart phone or mobile computer age) 39.


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