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These lobby chit-chat rooms are Mobile friendly and according to the norms of standards for an easy accessibility to all users.Our Live Chatting is totally free & easy for every User to login directly for Online Chat in Urdu, English, Hindi and Punjabi Language.We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. jfince Ch Jchibu retrurned to h;s mi Utary duties at tike Azabu. Matsudaira and niece of Viscount Matsu- daira, the nuptials being celebrated and conducted in the 4itmosphere and pomp of the ancient court life and custom, and ■amid the jubi^nt rejoicings of the entire nation. rall^ 3,212 1,471 2;858 1,614 9,212 ' 4,734 '4,061 1.5.84 2414 1,209 12,513* 4.igf9 1,262 ' • 1,^88'' Q.086 ' 1,429 ■ ' 1.102 ' 6,,437.' ' 10,1 4'7 12,255 ' m Uc B •217. circumference* of the- pri Rclpal lakes i» as betow:-— Biwar^Hp 146.15 Inawashlro-ko 40.33 Pureurko 41.08 Kasumlgra-ura 84.19 Hachiro-erata 48.61 Saroma-ko 65.89 Hamana-ko 57.14. The southern ooast of 'Honshu .extending from near Tokyo Bay to Cape Satta in Kyushu abounds in large indentations and furnishes several excellent anchorage. The eastern coast of Northern inlets are Tokyo Bay, Gulf of Sagami, Bay of Atsumi, Bay of Ise, Strait of Kii and Gulf of Tosa. Meanwhile the extra- vagrance of the successive shoguns higrhly impaired their credit, while the arrival of foreign, missions one after the other in quick succession in the early l&th century, demanding the* con- clusion of treaties of commerce, further tended to reveal their Internal "decay. All the prefect^iral governors are appointed by the Minister of the Inteilor, so that they are essentially bureaucrats pure and simple, whereas the mayor of a' city or the headman of a town or village ix elected by indirect popular votes usually for the term of four years. Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. No Imperial Prince q( Japan has ever been associated with the public so ii\timately^ as Prince Chichibu, In the past the public were not given opportunities to meet any member of the Imperial family in informal and personal ways. llomnal-ko 48.81 tmbarnuma 44.74 Towada-ko 89.04 Chuzenji in Nikko (14.78 miles), Ashi-no-ko in Hakone (0^4^ miles.), Suw A^ko In Sbinano (11^6 m Ues), ave noted 0IQUota4n lateee. The Inland Sea may practically be regarded as one large inland basin, being connected with the outer sea by four very narrow straits, i.e., Shimonoseki, Hayatomo, Yura and Naruto. — The invasion of cold wind from the Asiatic continent often causes Killing: frost, which frequently inflicts heavy damage oh .ypv^K m Mlberry leaves, and hence to spring sericulture. Chiefly to gain time, the shogunate applied to the Court for permission to open the country and thus involun- tarily placed itself under the direction of the legitimate rulers. Thus when we say local governnient, the term includes all these different administrative organs, the dhlet executives c»f which are prefec- tural governor, mayor, and headman.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Tire mourning i Qr the d«^ise of the late £iaperor Taishp ^ver, ? On September 2^ tl|i^ ye^r the Prince married Miss Setsuko Matsu- ^aira, daughter of Mr. r basins, adding much to the scenic beauty of the BOOK The. d the Bay of Mataushima embraced by.t^e Ojika Peninsula, but *fpr about d46 miles .north, of Sendai It is rich in smaller indentations and forms a Ria coast. these researches brought home to , their mimt the abnormal state Into whicji the executive ppwer of the coun- try had fallen and especially to the encroachment of the military classes on the sovereicrnty of the Court. The chief administrator of a "fu" or "ken" is called "ch Ul" or prefectural ' governor. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Indeed, no povtvayal ol the Frince i^ complete without some tribute to his sportsmanship. This dtralt Is further divided i Ato three, i.e., Iki,'l5a8t Tsushima and "West Tsushima channels, by the two islttnds of Iki and Tsushima ^w Mch lie in it. A tsyt Stoas 4s caused hy the intruding polar Iront «»f ffeaera A c Iroul Btkm im the rhigher latitude. — In winter the cold is intense' in Japan iproper for its latitude, owing to the cold air currents brought over from the Asiatic Continent by the winter monsoon, while being much milder than in the distriots of the same latitude in Manchuria, Siberia, etc. I9.4 14.9 t M fi O.8 16j8 'M 9.6 -'l.i 7.3 Hakodate ...... 10.6 19^ J7.6 ISJ) 6.0 Mk O -'4i4 l U N^maro ........ 14.4 14.3 15.4 17.8 SO.l SS.7 2^.1 2M 180.9 T\ikt Mlui Ifl.7 14.7 15.7 14.0 11.9 li.4 14.1 11.2 14.4 1L4 12.0 16:0 167.6 K»f|4xhtiim ...13.9 13.1 16.1 14.^ 14.3 Ut.7 16.6 14.0 14.8 11 JE 10.1. who had a spite against the Tokugawa from one cause OP another, tried to carry out the joi order to the letter, and at slight provocation or none at all killed or injured foreigners OP flred upon foreign warships. Ho Wevei the original law by which a prefectural aissembly was tlrst established, has been subjected to revision many, times, and the last revision was made in 1926, when the tax quali^cation for voters and assembly members was abolished though under former system they were required . Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. 10, Eiraku-cho Nichome, Kojimachi-ku, Tokyo BRANCHES : OSAKA, KYOTO, YOKOHAMA, KOBE, NAGOYA, SENDAI, FUKUOKA, KEIJO. While staying in Europe the Prince scaled, the Alps in the summer of 1926, as everyi mountaineer remembers, and. His Highness is also honorary President of the British Society (Tokyo), the Siamese Society (Tokyo) and the International Industrial Conference. The l^^est Tsushima tihannel is only 4,700 ntetres w^ide. These contiaeoktal oyotones are i XKst frequent In winter and are very rare In mimmer. The climate of .itorea is more continental knd colder than that of Japan .prqper, the territory .forming part of the Continent. ll» i;0.9 Hinwbinn ,11.4 10.0 13.2 ia2 1W 14.0 12.7 9.8 13.6 13 11 &1 IV.9 OHaka .... The Government was in utter dismay, for the foreign representatives made on every such ■ occasion a strong demand for reparation. to be payers of national direct tax of whatever amount The prefectural government with its own prefectural as- . You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ Digitized by Google 06 Hi ■Jf Digitized by Google Digitized by Lj OOQIC Digitized by Cj OOQIC Digitized by Google ADVBRTISEMBNTa I THE TOKYO FIRE INSURANCE CO., LIMITED ESTABLISHED 1887 CAPITAL Yen 10,000,000 RESERVES „ 10,612,000 FIRE. LESLIE & GODWIN, LTD., St Katharine Dock House, Tower Hill, London. Lunn writing about the Prince as a skier as follows: ''As a ski- mountaineer he (Prince Chichibu) is one of the easiest people to , fo Hbw on a rope that I know. Insalaa Ue, and he riin qattie j|$ last i^ was comfoirtable for the wm. B.) and at the same time a member of the Alpine Ski Club (A. When he was appointed Ambas- sador to Washington and left for the new post in 1925 with Mrs. whatever i other inlets there may be belngr Indicrnificant and at . The Oga Peninsula encloses the Hachiro-gata, a lagoon with beautifnl scenery. In printer this kind of -atmospheric disturbance is rarely mat wtth. Below is given the frequency of both kinds of jfota.t0vy storms, 4he statistics being quoted from Fa Uier Froc*s well known mepioir, "L' Atmosphere «n Extreme Orient": — Tabl^ f R^^^Precrueney of 'Cyclones and Typhoons "'f18l^3-t9t8) i Jflii. Summer in Formosa is 'most unbearable, because of the high temperature which lasts from the daytime far into the night, though the maximum is com- paratively low. This memorable event was not consummated without some bloodshed, through an armed struggle, fortunately of short duration, between a section of the misguided partisans of the Tokugawa and the Imperial . Meanwhile those young patriots who had so zealously taken . The County or "Gun" In accordance with a decision passed In the 49th session ef the Imperial Diet to abolish the "gun" system as sub-prefec- Digitized by Vj OOQIC t(l8 THS JAPAN Y.]^AR BOOK tural administrative organs in view of the development of the means of communication and their diminished importance in the ]oca) executive machineiy, these subordinate offices, 635 in all, ceased to exist in July 1926. Principal Agencies: New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Bombay, Sydney, Batavia, Marseilles, Hamburg, etc. Digitized by Google le Address :—'* Iwasakisip Tokyo " Capital:— Yen 50.000.000 Shipbuikiers ; Engine, Boiler and Madiinery Makers Head Office :— Marunouchl, Tokyo Dockyards & Engine Works :— Nagasaki. Hikoehima Arms Work :— Nagasaki Research Laboratory :— Tokyo Mitsubishi Seitetsu Kaisha, Ltd. Ltd.) Cable Address .^''Iwasakiron Tokyo" Capital:— Yen 25.000.000 Manufacturers of Iron and Steel Head Office:— Marunoucbi, Tokyo Works ^-Kenjiho (Chosen) Mitsubishi Soko Kabushiki Kaisha (Mitsubishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.) Cable Address:— "Iwaaakisok Tokyo" Capital:— Yen 10,000.000 Landing. The pure stem turn Is the key to ropedrski-ing, and the Ptsince does this turn to perfection. beliip4**' n Digitized by Lj OOQIC The Prince is an honorary member of the Ski Club ol Great Britain (S. Matsudaira, Miss Setsuko, then seventeen years old, ac- companied her parents and entered the Friends' School in Wa- shington 'where she remained until the time of her departure for home in May, 1028. , Nakagawa „ Tenryu „ Tokach I (Hokkaido) , Tone (Honshu) ...... Tlie Gulf of Mutsu, in which lie Aomori and Ominato^ a seogndary naval port, opens tp the Tsugaru Strait, hut the znouth is narrow- ed by the Shimokita Peninsula. In Honshu and other islands ^of Ja^an proper, however, the heat lessens in the evening and morning. Below is given the monthly mean air temperature as well as mean da Aly maximam and tminini Mm: — Table IV^ — Monthly t Aean Temperature of Air (in^C^) 9Mk Veb. up the bigoted and dangerous cause were disillusioned of their fatal error from the knowledge though scanty^ w^hich they obtained either by staying abroad a short while, as Ito, Inouye luid some others of the Choshu clan did, or by some Indirect • means. For administrative^ convenience 25 branch offices of prefec tural grovernments were established throughout the country, and the duty hitherto undertaken by the county- magistrates has been divided and shifted to prefectural functionaries arid iown or village headmen. Here you can interact with International chat Community of USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, UK and rest of the world.We ensure you all for Friendly, Interactive, Helpful, loving, Caring, Environment which will surely help you to find Best Friends ahead. HEAD OFFICE : 2-chome, Kitahama, Osaka TOKYO BRANCH: Na I, GOFUKUX^IO, NIHONBASHI KYOTO BRANCH: TAKAKURA. MINAMIOTSU-MACHI Digitized by Cj OOQIC ADVERTISEi MENTS IX # THE DAMCHI GINKO, LTD. Her singing voice was soft and mellow, and quite charming in conversation. The Princess took interests in all forms of sports, and was especially good at lawn tennis. Ichlya Kumagai, the well known tennis player, who had the honour of cotaching the Enipress in her Princess day^, says that she acquired skill very quiekly, having rpractised in soft ))al) playing previously. In i Korea * and Western Formosa wet days do not e{teeed*120i while In Japan proper they seldom fall- below the flgmresi Tbe J^pan Sea board of Honshu and Luchu. (2) has highly indented coasts, and (3) owing to the existence of several high mountains. Saghalien, Kurlle Islands, Hokkaido) and Korea have .-much in common with those of Manchuria, Siberia and Ehirope. Nabupaga h^d ey^p a^optj Qd the policy gf ^pcowr^gepie^^t ,tp Christianity, qhlefly to check the rarppant tendency of Bvfd^b M^ jjrlests against whom he had )ed a. Hideyoshi^ brought the whole gpuntry under his away, built fi. Hldeyoshi next turned his attention to the ambitious project of subduing China, and In 1592 the invading army landed in Korea. forceful execution and could play Beethoven and Choplp with reti skill, in which ^he was aided by the paints s|ie took in masterr ing technique. The Peaeadores .(94.5 days) and Kamo (845.8 days) are the two estremes. The IMvn^r called "bal-U(" or "tsuyu V is especially marked on the Pac Mc eeast or Southern Japan, due to the appearance of lew 'pteasiue areas In the Yan^rtze valley of China which travel itorth-eastar Bi^. The letter is caused 1^ the low atmospheric pressure that originates from the South 8^a and is characterised by heavy precipitation. Japan is very rich in fauna and flora, owing to the fact that (1) the land is very much elongated from north to south. •lichen Nobtmaga was killed by his general Mitsuhide in i682, Hideyoshi came 'back \n a hurry, revenged Ms lord upfbn traitor In a pitched battle fought near ikyoto, arid by promptly fore- stalling all the other generals of the unfortunate ' Kobunaga, made himself thte master of the grand edifice nearly' completed •by hfaj chief. The latter took up the cause of the ref UK^e, fought with the over- whelming Jiost of . IXideyosh I judged it wiser to win over lyeyasu by peaceful means instead of by war, and tl^o two houses "became reconciled. And This Friendship lead to direct path of Unity, dignity, Equality, General Knowledge, recognition of Various Places, Cultural traditions their Lifestyles and the last but not the least which is “Love” among our users round the Globe.Every user should feel free to express his or her levels of Knowledge, Opinions, Group Discussions, Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, and Messages.


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