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Hidden cameras can be hidden in almost any ordinary object.Below we’ve highlighted several key areas to help you pick out which camera is best for your particular situation.Deciding between a self-recording or Wi Fi hidden camera, AC or battery power, as well as deciding on the general type of camera are all important considerations in choosing a hidden camera.Deciding between a self-recording hidden camera or a Wi Fi streaming hidden camera is one of the first aspects to consider when looking for a hidden camera.What's more, it pairs the footage with Google Maps pinpointing the exact location the live streams are coming from.

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This is basically just what the hidden camera looks like, and is arguably the most important decision to make.

You’ll want to make sure that the camera blends in wherever you place it, so certain types will work better in certain situations.

Another aspect of buying a hidden camera to consider is whether to choose a battery powered or AC powered hidden camera (or even a dual-power supply camera).

Battery powered hidden cameras are convenient to use because they can be easily moved and placed exactly where you need them.


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