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sunny weatherr, nights in/out, i love my job, im training to be a dental nurse its awesome! Well living in scotland I just love this cold weather dont you?? The type of person that interests me is someone that is not afraid to try something new, who is Well i'm small, well average height really but everyone likes to say i'm small haha, got short hair that i like to spike up :), quite skinny but thats just me :) i get on with anyone and i never judge people.i hope to move Hi, I have recently stepped back into the world of academia to do my Ph D and find myself in need of some new mates ( I left a lot of the old ones back at work! I like to read, eat and drink and love I eat philosophy. I am a huge geek and I live in a literary world made of paper. Happnin peeps,im a happy friendly outgoing for a laugh goodtimes.i enjoy music dancing,meeting knew people reading going out to pubs clubs and holidays!! lol shy at heart but loving and warm welcomed,oh and im blonde,kinda short medium I like sport, traveling, hanging out with friends and just all the usual stuff really.), I Not so sure what to write here so please feel free to ask.I´m a lovely person who likes to have a laugh with friends and family and all the socializing that comes with it, though quite happy with my own company too.Work with the individual’s family/carers, criminal justice, social work, Police as appropriate. Specific individual programmes to teach and maintain these skills where needed.Involvement of families/carers in assessment and implementation of new learning Education for families/employers/ care providers/housing dept re practical needs14.

Predicting and managing change Timely individual direct work with individuals to teach methods where required.) enjoy Have recently been taking time out being a single girl, meeting some nice, new peeps along the way.Kinda at the stage now, where if an intelligent, witty, classy, femme lady did come along(is that asking for a lot?!I´m a professional singer/songwriter and session drummer.I´ve been living in the UK for 5 years and have recently gotten involved with a Scottish Heritage project of building a medieval fort which is where I spend Looking for friends and hopefully something more.Teaching/learning on internet etiquette and supervision.3. Social communication Targeted social communication programmes delivered either individually or in a group setting as required and appropriate to the individual to include internet etiquette and promotion of online safety.4. Acceptance by families that friendships can take many forms7.Developing and maintaining relationships Work to assess the understanding of relationships and promotion of skills to develop relationships including sexuality issues and intimate relationships. Social isolation for individual with autism Accessible social groups and opportunities, support in the community. Learning to learn skills A functional assessment of the person’s cognitive abilities and learning style leading to a planned programme both directly with the individual and indirectly with the family, carers etc.Individual work with the individual on assessing behaviour, recognising triggers and developing and managing the implementation of strategies to help. Environmental adaptation on an individual basis with individual control working towards reducing the impact of sensory sensitivities13.Behaviour support plans, cognitive interventions, psychotherapy or counselling as required and indicated by life circumstances eg around transitions of all types including bereavement. Daily living skills Assessment of core life skills as required across the lifespan and to take account of changing needs at various transitions.The National Menu of Interventions Roadshow Event took place in Glasgow, on 8th May 2014 at the Campanile Hotel. Development of effective means of communication Individualised language therapy assessment. Alternative and augmentative communication systems introduced where required.The information gathered from delegates on the day has been collated and can be found below. Understanding the implications of an autism diagnosis Post diagnostic discussion (s) and individualised counselling The provision of good quality education and information packs for individuals, families/carers along with appropriate verbal discussion at time of need. Work to ensure language system (regardless of form) is used functionally and is therefore effective on an individual basis.


  1. Sep 6, 2016. Most people meet their significant others through their social circles or work/school functions. However, these pools can be relatively shallow. In the search for a potential date, more and more people are switching to less traditional methods. Online dating is really popular. Using the internet is really popular.

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