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Daisy de la hoya dating london still tendatingtips com

Daisy decides to bring all the guys to a club where they can all "let loose".

While most of the guys battle for her attention and spend time with her, she forgets Sinister's VIP date, but he says he will let it go because it was the "rockstar thing to do".

The Beige Team goes first with Cage as the first runner.

Cage tries to protect the mannequin, but after getting hit so many times with paintballs, he says he begins to black out and the mannequin splits in half.

Cage hands it to Brooklyn, who screams and soon hands it off to 6 Gauge.

6 Gauge hands it off to Cable Guy and Cable Guy actually falls on top of the mannequin, crushing many of its parts.

The Orange Team goes and Big Rig, Flex, Fox, and Tool Box do a decent job of defending the mannequin.

The Black Team defends the mannequin the best so, Sinister, London, Chi Chi and 12 Pack all win a date with Daisy and grants Sinister a VIP date for his good performance.

After the show, the men become situated and later, Daisy gives them nicknames to show off their personalities. As all the guys vie for her attention during the mixer, Flipper, who wants to grab the attention of Daisy, decides to jump off the stage bars and into the pool.

'84, '85, and '86 tell Daisy that they are only interested in having a good time and dating her together.

After the party, Daisy gathers the men together, telling them that she knows who is there for her.

When the guys reach the area of their next challenge, they are surprised to find it takes place in a desert.

Ricki tells the guys that today's challenge is all about protecting Daisy.


  1. Jan 5, 2015. Daisy De La Hoya failed to win Brett Michaels' heart on Rock of Love 2, but she walked away a winner. A hit with fans, she got her own VH1 spin-off, Daisy of Love, and seemed poised to make a career out of reality TV. But in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, De La Hoya reveals that her life.

  2. Apr 28, 2009. The show begins with some loving shots of Daisy De La Hoya's hilariously fake Hollywood lair if she really lives there, then my name is Uncle Oscar De La Hoya, where the. Next, a guy with eyeliner and a mohawk to whom Daisy takes an immediate shine boy, she has bad taste! and calls London.

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