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Usps priority tracking not updating

If you have not received your International Priority Express package within 5 business days, please contact your local post office and customs agency to see if your package has arrived there and you haven’t been notified.

Often times, your post office has the package and wants you to pay the import tariffs before it hands it over.

If it is past 90 days and your First Class package has not arrived please contact your local post office and customs agency to see if your package has arrived and you haven't been notified.

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It’s just making me really anxious about trusting them to do their job when I drop things off using their drop box.Did you check the tracking number on the usps website?Sometimes I can view more tracking information there than I can on the ebay site.As long as a package is scanned at some point in the journey from you to buyer, it will be ok, even if the USPS skips the acceptance scan. I once had the post office scan all my stuff as “Delivered” instead of “Accepted”.It was a temporary, minor hassle, but it ended up ok when the item was delivered for real.If you are still unable to locate your order, please contact Adafruit Customer Support.USPS didn’t scan a package, my buyer just messaged me asking when I was going to ship it. I immediately checked my car to be sure, even though I explicitly remember dropping it off. I am planning on stopping into USPS tomorrow to speak with someone about this issue but I am not optimistic that they will even care.Many times the scan will not show up until it hits the destination city.Also there are times when a package is scanned, but does not show up on the website even though it may be present on the USPS internal website.I have written twice with issues, and both times I received either a phone call or email THE NEXT DAY from my local p.o., (in Illinois and then in Texas).I think you may have refunded your buyer prematurely.


  1. USPS does take some time to scan packages into their mail stream and update the tracking information. We ask that you allow 48 business hours for the tracking information to update once you have dropped your package off at your local Post Office or mail box. If you are able, we also recommend that you ask for a receipt.

  2. If you happen to see it update and it looks like tracking, then great, you're getting something extra, but if it doesn't, then that's just how that system works. Even the. If you happen to see that the package was scanned and it shows up on the USPS site, then it does lead you to believe it is tracking, but it's not.

  3. Mar 16, 2016. A few months ago I ordered something from I can't actually remember from where, but the sender used USPS United States Postal Service. He provided a tracking number, which usually works great, and you can keep an eye on where in the world your package is. I always find this really interesting.

  4. May 21, 2013. Not updating is not that uncommon for the USPS. If it was shipped Priority you can always call and check on it. If it is over the allotted time for delivery they will let you open a case. In my situations they have been very good at finding the item and getting it delivered once the case is open. Edited by.

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