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This is the only one that can tell you if the content of the record is right for your e-mail sending architecture.If you get stuck, free support and professional consulting services are available.If you can't figure out who it is, we can help you figure it out.any of the more common questions asked of the VB Pro involve formatting and validating data.

For example, you can build a 'View' at the database layer using GROUP BY and COUNT syntax to determine how many distinct values exist for the given field or combination of fields and have it as a column in the view.

Go back to the validator and put the domain part of your e-mail address in the domain part of the second test and your draft record in the SPF record part (do enclose it in quotes, just the record) and then click on "Check SPF Record".

This will tell you if the syntax of your draft record is correct.

Once you have convinced yourself that your record is ready to be published or updated, you publish as a record of type TXT in your domain's public DNS.

How this is done varies considerably from provider to provider.


  1. I manage my own domains and I want to publish/fix my SPF record. First, if you have an existing SPF record or if you don't know if you have an existing SPF record.

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  3. I'm having a tough time trying to get a uniqueness rule working within Information Steward 4.0. My scenario is thisI have a field or a combination of fields that.

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