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Excuse for frankness but I the direct and even girl which want to find the half.I have seen your profile and I want to say, that i like you.Years later, Mc Lachlan recollected this incident with the words: "He couldn't tackle a man, but he wasn't so slow in attacking women." He and Rena continued their affair, and Mc Lachlan became increasingly aghast at Rena's bruises and black eyes.On each occasion it became apparent Fred had beaten his wife, Mc Lachlan would extensively beat Fred.Do not overlook [email protected] yours Elena Quote: Hello!!!!!I hope to see in you in the beginning of the good and fair friend, trust, and in a consequence and the gentle and loving husband with whom I would like to find happiness!Please write about itself a little, and do not overlook to send me a photo.But what to study you time better probably it is required.

He was unconscious for seven days and walked with braces for several months; because of this incident, Fred developed an extreme fear of hospitals and became prone to fits of rage.If you are still in search of something, you can write me few words any time.I'm from Russia, but now I live in New York together with the American family.I would love to talk to you some more and really get to know you better.You ask why I have decided to get acquainted on the Internet, I can explain to you it.I hope, that you would like to do the same about me.I want to get acquainted with you and to learn you better.The cottage had no electricity and the sole source of heat came from a log all six did seasonal work: the three girls picking hops and strawberries, the three boys harvesting wheat and hunting rabbits.He was also prone to violent mood swings, and although both Rena and Mc Neill typically bore the brunt of his fury, Fred is also known to have physically attacked his stepdaughter on more than one occasion.If all of you have decided to write to me that I shall know that you in me are interested.My opinion has no value for you, but I want that you knew that I have only the good relation to you and your country.


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