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Providing all necessary services: ● loading and unloading ● international transportation ● supply of export declarations ● customs clearance ● customs clearance of import, export and transit ● safe storage of cargo ● cargo insurance 3.

Own warehouses in Latvia, China, Thailand, and Russia.

That means that your cargo will become a part of a large lot and will depart to its destination faster.

Editor’s Note: This represents the third of a 3-part series about sales order picking/shipping, and is drawn from the Essential Guide for Advanced Warehouse Management using Microsoft Dynamics AX: 2016 Edition.

The warehouse planner can view totals for selected shipments (such as total weight, volume and pieces), add selected shipments to the wave lines, and then view totals again for all wave lines.

The grouping of selected shipments typically reflects similar delivery requirements, such as the same ship date and shipping carrier for a ship-from warehouse.

A previous article described the series of Essential Guides.

A wave picking approach commonly refers to a grouping of sales order shipments with the same delivery requirements.

Safety of cargo, its speed of departure and saving the customer's funds depend on competent and efficient consolidation.

Consolidation plan: once the cargo arrives at the warehouse, it is processed and stored before the arrival and processing of other cargo for their consolidation.

These similar delivery requirements can be identified (as query criteria) for user-defined Wave Filter Codes, thereby facilitating the display and selection of shipments.

If needed, the planner updates the wave contents (such as adding or deleting wave lines) prior to processing and releasing the shipment wave.


  1. May 25, 2016. The need for wave planning starts with the generation of sales order shipments by the release to warehouse step. Some of these steps can be. These can be viewed on the Open Shipments form, and you can consolidate multiple sales shipments into a single shipment. The warehouse planner can.

  2. Managing large volumes of outbound customer orders can be difficult, complex, and even intimidating to some warehouse and distribution managers. You define the logic - from the simplest of planning parameters single order, waves, batches, pick-and pass, consolidated orders, load plan optimization, to more.

  3. UTS developed a comprehensive plan to consolidate this inbound freight into fewer, heavier shipments, presented it to management, and collaborated on its. Our Logistics Analysis realized that this model was inefficient because LTL shipments deliver at various times during the day, often when the stores were open.

  4. How long can I store my items at my USA address in warehouse? How does the. the same inbox? Can I use an account with Pay-per-use plan to receive mail such as letters, magazines and post cards. Do I have to pay for the extra packaging / shipping box for a consolidated shipment? How large can a.

  5. Shipments in transit received from process 13. 9.3. Plan flight and send booking list to warehouse. 9.2. Shipments in transit security cleared. 9.4. Collect freight and unitize as planned. 9.5. Consolidate information. FBL. FUM. P10 Shipment to flight, load & depart. 10.1. Move shipments from warehouse to hold area for.

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