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Updating asus eee pc internet dating testimonials

I also tried running a disk check on my Hard Drive, but that too didn’t work. The problem is that when i got the laptop new it used to support for 1 hour 30 min and now after 2 years it only supports for 30 min on battery. The second problem is that a message appears that reads- ” There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly.” I can replace the battery but it will take a lot of time as it is very expensive so in the mean time can i still use the laptop with the charger plugged or will it harm the laptop? @Asif Usually batteries degrade to stage where they need to be replaced.The time it reaches that stage depends on the quality of the battery and usage conditions.The work-around for this problem is to keep running on mains power or switch off the laptop for sometime to allow it to cool off.A better solution to this problem is to get the laptop services and remove the heating problem by getting the cooling ducts clean.

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i have been using hp pavillian dv4-1506 since last 10 months….keeping every maintained task updated………!! my laptop automatically goes shut off without warning… although hp support assistant is showing it is in a good state…..!! ) hy, i’ve got a hp pavilion dv5 too,i deleted the microsoft battery driver which you had mentioned,but you wrote,”In such cases, its better to download compatible battery drivers from manufacturer and install them instead of the Windows default drivers.”—where can i download the battery driver? thx:)))))) i am using hp pavilion dv3 entertainment noot book.i baught it 3 month ago. after 24 hours when i pluged in the laptop with AC adopter then instead of 100% the battery indicators is 90%. looking forward to hear form you regards i hav my dell laptop …i hav purchased it 1 yr before .after removing ac supply it shows 100 charged …..!!! now my battery icon is showing warning message that it has some problem and is telling to replace the battery.whn i plug in my charger its charging but with a cross mark in it………should i do ?Laptop battery start wearing off after about 1 to 2 years of usage.Many of these batteries suffer reduced backup and charging problems.Till last month or so my lappy’s battery was giving a fair backup i mean upto 2 hours approx and i was using windows xp last month it suddenly dropped to just an hour only…also my system was working a little bit slow so i decide to format it and load windows 7.i installed the OS windows 7 before 30 days.was working a little slow so i decided not to change the product key( which i had bought).I had to change the key anyway within the 30 after 26 days ,in the battery bar,’consider replacing the battery’ is constantly displaying.I thought this may have happened beacause of not activating the windows.Soon i changed the product key and activated my copy of windows.In this post I will discuss both the reasons and share the solutions.First problem which is there with some of the HP laptops is the battery charging stops when the laptop heats up.


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