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Tuesday Morning Quarterback proposes a new way to make this assessment, by dividing the winning clubs into three categories: who has no chance, who might be able to win it all, and who’s willing to pay the price.

In professional team sports, most years most tea Read more Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffp.

Many coaches know the math that favors the fourth-down attempt.TMQ also counts as Authentic Games some contests that I just h Read more The big play of the 2010 Saints’ Super Bowl victory was a surprise onside kick.The big play of the 2016 Alabama college national title win was a surprise onside kick.Whether either perception is fair is beside the point when it come Read more If a season of neurological hazards, political controversy, public subsidies, and bad officiating has left you wondering why Americans like football so much, Sunday was your answer. Sports buffs will shed a tear that the ending of Saints at Vikings means a Super Bowl matchup of Tom Brady ve Read more Jon Gruden is the new head coach of the Raiders, a high-profile move that may or may not pan out in football terms but is certain to ensure round-the-clock ESPN coverage when the franchise relocates to Las Vegas in 2020.First, David outscored Goliath in Pittsburgh, then the triple-comeback contest in Minnesota built up to the best final three minutes in NFL annals. Once at Vegas, the team will be known to this column as the Sinners.Sarah Mc Shane, a New York Fire Department EMT , sang the National Anthem so well it brought tears to the eyes.Fundraising for wounded-warrior organizations was extensively touted as an NFL Salute to Se Read more Halloween marks the halfway juncture of the NFL regular season, and is a good time to assess who’s likely still to be suited up in January when most of the league has retired to the couch to drink boysenberry IPA and watch the playoffs.Cheese t Read more Because this year’s schedule meant football on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, TMQ didn’t watch any. My holiday gift to readers is a column-length expansion of Tuesday Morning Quarterback’s A Cosmic Thought item.The ancient Greeks thought the universe eternal, without a starting point, though “universe” to them meant an area much smaller than what we’d now call a nebula.If NFL ratings continue to decline, Dave Barry’s joke that the NFL Las Vegas franchise will have topless cheerleaders could become reality.Tuesday Morning Quarterback aficionados know my compromise with Read more Tuesday Morning Quarterback’s Authentic Games metric tracks quality victories in high-pressure situations, and has a decent track record at predicting Super Bowl pairings .


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