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Orthodox christian morality dating

Many of us are perfectly happy with a secular morality, and don’t spend time bawling about its supposed “metaphysical grounding.” First, notice how Coyne reframes the problem to hide from the seriousness of the problem.Coyne thinks he need only explain how “morality exists.” But that ignores the problem that Robbins raised – if atheism is true, So?The other day, I had an e-mail exchange with a prominent scholar who studies religion in America.

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There is no reason to think Dawkins is the only atheist who freely chooses to adopt an immoral lifestyle. This would explain why hypocrisy, at all levels, is so common among the New Atheist leaders.

A veneer of secular morality rooted in subjective preferences hardly counts as “foundational authority,” meaning that Coyne again fails to refute Robbins’s point.

In fact, that morality is anchored to such a subjective foundation means that secular morality is not significantly different from a cultural dress code.

So, on top of these illusory feelings of right and wrong, we lay a “veneer” of secular morality that is rooted in “preferences” about how we “should” behave.

There are many problems with this “argument,” so let me just focus your attention on one.


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