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We didn't care whether you won or lost because you remained yourself 24/7." And I really don't know how I could be somebody else or try to downplay who I am. Does being the first Latino to win the show matter to you? But just being the first Latino to win and to hear people say it is such a huge blessing and accomplishment for me.

JM: Not only has it been a dream to play the game, but it's surreal for me to be the first Latino to win. Not only that, but for all the Latino fans who want to try out for is not looking for typecast roles. I owned my heritage and culture, my Cuban roots, and I think they loved that about it. There’s a brunch place that we go to on Sunday called George’s on Sunset. And then, Cuban cuisine, you have Versailles, which is a pretty good bakery.

"People don't understand that this hasn't been easy for him, I knew something was not right for the last couple of months.Now be honest with me, with all this newfound fame, how many booty calls did you get after the show aired? It’s kind of crazy what 15 minutes of fame and the amount of attention from the show can get you. But I’ve gotten calls like that and girls have definitely reached out to me, and it’s kind of weird. Now that you're back home, tell me where you'll be hanging out... JM: First of all, I wake up every morning and go to a famous bakery called “Vicky’s Bakery." It’s a Cuban bakery here in Miami. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but El Palacio de los Jugos is my spot!But to be honest with you, if it’s not a genuine connection and it’s not something where I feel it’s genuine or anything like that, I’m not investing in it or anything like that. Her personality, her confidence, she owns who she is. She knows she's a badass, she knows she's beautiful, you don't have to tell her that all the time. It’s a Cuban buffet where you can pay and you can get a plate of rice, beans, meats, and plantains… On Tuesdays, I’ll go to Wet Willie’s, get something to eat at Big Pink.I thought I was going to jump out of the I can’t even go to the grocery store without having people coming up to me, doing the damn song, and trying to take pictures with me. Have you thought about what you'll spend your prize money on?JM: I actually have my own hair care products on e Bay, Amazon, and online outlets like Zapp.winner and Miami native Josh Martinez chatted with us about his newfound fame, being the first Latino to win the show, and what he'll be spending his prize earnings on.When Josh Martinez entered the house, he was largely unknown compared to the seasoned vets who returned for Season 19 of the show.Hamilton met Wednesday with Major League Baseball officials regarding a disciiplinary matter.MLB has declined comment on specifics of the meeting, but CBS Sports and the New York Daily News reported he suffered a relapse involving cocaine and alcohol.Get the most out of your time in Houston with events and attractions organized around specific themes and interests.To use the calendar to find specific events for you, search by category, date range, location or keyword search.


  1. Big Brother winner and Miami native Josh Martinez chatted with us. or lost because you remained yourself 24/7.". bizarre. I mean, dating is.

  2. Tour. Current Dates; Past Dates; Find A Show. Mar 24 2018. Hampton, VA. Josh Turner Celebrates 150th Grand Ole Opry Performance with Opry Legends.

  3. Feb 25, 2015 Friend of Josh Hamilton says slugger. I told Josh that you might want to. has been staying at a friend's house in Houston while he underwent rehab.

  4. Josh Vidales. Class Senior. dating back to 2014. Became. Notched a 22-game on-base streak that ran from Feb. 24-March 31. Recorded Houston's longest hit.

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