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“I didn’t drink or take drugs; as far as stimulants go, I’ve yet to have my first cup of coffee.

But I was out four or five nights a week, usually with a different woman each time, and I was enjoying myself immensely.”Trump never quite let go of that free-wheeling lifestyle, even as he considered salvaging his marriage with his first wife Ivana.“I even thought, briefly, about approaching Ivana with the idea of an ‘open marriage,’” he wrote in “Surviving at the Top,” as quoted by the Post.

“But I realized there was something hypocritical and tawdry about such an arrangement that neither of us could live with — especially Ivana.

She’s too much of a lady.”TPM illustration by Christine Frapech.

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J., any girl you have I can take from you if I want,” Trump said later. You’re full of shit.”Stern asked some probing questions about Trump’s relationship with model Melania Knauss, who is now his wife, in a 2003 interview.


The Daily Beast recently resurfaced a 2001 episode of “The Howard Stern Show” in which Trump and then-New York Daily News gossip columnist A. Benza feuded for nearly 30 minutes over whether or not Trump stole Benza’s girlfriend.

“You double up my net worth just by not having sex, sure. I could do that.”Trump gave glimpses into his dating life in several of his books.

He wasn’t shy to recount that as a young man in 1970s Manhattan he went out with a different woman almost every night.“I had a comfortable little studio apartment in Third Avenue in the city, and I maintained a lifestyle that was fairly commonplace then but that now, in an age when people are worried about dying from sex, is hard to even imagine,” he wrote in “Trump: Surviving at the Top,” as quoted by The Washington Post.

The men’s beef was over model Kara Young, whom Trump said he dated after she and Benza broke up.

At one point, an increasingly irritated Benza asked Trump: “What do you think, you’re the world’s best lover?


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