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Dating schwinns

As the people who actually worked in the factories, and in the offices, and in the warehouses, and as traveling sales representatives, and in the retail shops…as these people pass away and as their memories are lost more and more things become questions that can never be fully answered. It's a constant game of puzzle pieces and mysterious clues!

Real History is a very fun game, and the way to win is to discover actual truth!

The details of hubs and pedals are confusing, and off the main subject.

The stem and handlebar are easy: Steel or Aluminum.

About Schwinn bicycles, if they give the serial number, then we all know the date the frame was made, without doubt.Most of what he knows he learned by researching for himself.The information that follows comes from a series of emails he sent me in is a forgotten bicycle. It's those odd little offshoots from the timeline, those odd branches of the family tree, which are the most interesting!The first few years of derailleurs on Schwinns – 1959-1963 – were very confusing. That leaves the mass-produced models, the factory-made Schwinns, the “Electro-Forged” Schwinns, the mass-produced Schwinn “Lightweights” with derailleurs. For some reason, everybody forgets about the Collegiate, even though it was made for decades! The cute name for this whole group is “Varsinental.” I'm ashamed to admit, I love that name (which means I love your name, “Sportinental”!1964 was the first year of the fairly stable “classic” Schwinns with derailleurs. ) What's the difference between Varsity and Continental?The brakes seem clear: simple side-pulls or fashionable center-pulls.So, that leaves the BIG difference: the front fork!Your BEST writing, on the subject of Schwinn Sportabouts, was what you wrote on the Lynn's Schwinn page!However, you're skipping an important step in history – the ! There were even a few semi-handmade models, but the last of that was gone by 1963.The tubular front fork is stiffer where it should be (steering), and more resilient where it should be (road bumps). The tubular front fork is stronger, gives better handling, gives a better ride and weighs almost half a pound LESS!(last time I weighed Schwinn forks, difference was 191 grams = 0.42 pounds! In I keep thinking about the fact that e Bay is the ultimate visual encyclopedia!


  1. Some Schwinn bicycles have the unique identifying number on their head tube which is on the front of the bike. Doberman dropout serial number. A serial number located on a rear drop out. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped.

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