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His favourability over May's Tories is considerably higher than that of second highest polling party Labour, the gap between the two varying from just one point, according to Survation, to 12 points according to Com Res.This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.The Swede has a long track record with women stretching back to his arrival on the pop scene in 2002 but he also has five studio albums to his name.He has changed his ways a little, however, in that time.He is amazing, and although I don't have this syndrome and so cannot empathise, I hope that those who do can see the hope he offers.He's moved on since his dalliance with Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend on Big Brother but Basshunter still a big hit with the girls. However, his new girlfriend, Tara, was sensibly watching in the wings and he went to some lengths to demonstrate his affection for her.

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Basshunter, real name Jonas Erik Altberg, may have no experience in politics but he has done a little charity work, previously holding a 20-hour lock-in during which his seminal track 'Now You're Gone' was played non-stop.Altberg refused to divulge how the evening ended, but did reveal that he was left with a sizeable bar bill at the end of proceedings.Pete Bennett, 27, who won the seventh series of Big Brother in 2006, suffered from Tourette's Syndrome and said he took part in the show to dispel myths about the condition.He later gathered the group in the lounge and confessed he failed the task. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Mid-2000s era Swedish pop EDM DJ Basshunter may have literally zero political credentials, but 53,189 people would still prefer him as prime minister over the incumbent Theresa May.A poll took off on Twitter on Friday night, attracting nearly 9,000 retweets and some 57,814 votes before it came to its scheduled close.Meanwhile, Altberg has been getting on very well with Katia Ivanova in the house.The pair spent Tuesday evening flirting in the snow, and later, as they lay together on the sofas he whispered to her: ''You're awesome.'' On Wednesday Altberg was alone in the garden building a snowman when Big Brother set him a secret task.The Tree of Temptation whispered to him to take the bottle of sand from inside its trunk and to pour it into another housemate's bed without them knowing, to win some luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets for Stephanie Beacham, who has complained about the bedding.The 25-year-old DJ was reluctant to take part and distanced himself from the housemates as he had been told he was forbidden from telling them about the task.


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