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The British educational system never questioned the girls’ long absences and ultimate disappearances.Then, one day, when Sanghera came home from school, her mother presented her with a photograph of a man.In 2005, the British government’s Home Office and Foreign Office launched a joint Forced Marriage Unit to address these crimes, and in 2010 it handled 1,700 cases of forced marriage.Catalyzed by her own ordeal, and by Robina’s suicide, Sanghera opened Karma Nirvana in 1993, a U. charity devoted to helping victims of forced marriages and honor violence. In January 1999, 15-year-old Tulay Goren disappeared from her East London Kurdish community.“In the end, I agreed purely to buy back my freedom,” Sanghera said.When her parents relented and allowed her to visit a friend’s home, she ran away with the friend’s older brother—at first sleeping in his car, and then in a cheap boardinghouse.In 2002, Kurdish patriarch Abdullah Yones slit his vivacious 16-year-old daughter Heshu’s throat in their west London home because he disapproved of her Lebanese Christian boyfriend.

An Iraqi Kurd living in South London, Banaz entered into an arranged marriage at the age of 16 to a man who allegedly raped and beat her.Knowing that her life was in danger, Mahmod reported the death threats to the police but was too terrified to move to a safe house.But after a brazen murder attempt by her father—that Banaz recounted to disbelieving police officers—she decided to cooperate in pressing charges against her family. Several days later, a gang of men, including two cousins, reportedly trapped Banaz in her home, tortured and raped her, and strangled her with a shoelace before stuffing her body into a suitcase and abandoning it in another town.Sanghera was told that she’d been promised to him when she was just 8 years old.“I was the one who said, ‘No, I want to finish school, Mum.The group says that in 2008, 2,500 girls—suspected victims of forced marriages—went missing from schools in the U. Police eventually charged her father with murder, which allegedly had been planned by a family council after Tulay was discovered dating a secret boyfriend.Tulay’s paramour testified that she’d been beaten by her father before she vanished.When Sanghera heard of her sister’s suicide—not from family members—she journeyed home. “You’re completely isolated.” Keep up with this story and more Forced marriage and honor violence are often viewed in the West as backward customs relegated to impoverished developing nations. K., and new research about the prevalence of underage marriage in the U.“I naively thought my mother would somehow run and take me back into her heart, or into the family, because [she had] lost a daughter in such a horrific way. S., for the first time show that this kind of violence against women is far more widespread.According to The Guardian, police believe there are at least 12 such “honor” killings a year in the U. The act created deterrent measures such as the Forced Marriage Protection Order—today, anyone in Britain who suspects that a girl is in danger of being forcibly married can ask a court for an injunction against the girl’s family or community.The order can require family members to surrender their passports and prevent them from applying for new ones, lest they try to take the girl out of the country.


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  2. Forced weddings and ‘honor’ killings are no longer just a developing-world issue. By Michelle Goldberg.

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