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Telemate dating

If the file's fourth byte is not 1, the virus judges the file to be uninfected and promptly remedies the situation.

Although the virus usually leaves its victim's modification date unchanged, it contains a bug which in some cases causes the date and time of infected files to show the time of infection.

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It seems, however, that during the testing of the virus it was modified to infect also files beginning with the interrupt 20h.The Butterfly-virus slipped into worldwide circulation together with the 4.11 version of the popular data communications program Telemate.Telemate 4.11 was published 17.6.1993, and the virus was not discovered before the distribution of the program had begun.When the infected LIST is executed from some other directory, the virus can jump the directory boundary that normally limits its spreading.Variant: Crusaders Non-resident, COM/EXE-files Another descendant of the Butterfly virus was found in the middle of August.Butterfly's extensive spreading created another kind of a problem, however: with it, many virus enthusiasts acquired a personal copy of a simple, functional and easily modifiable virus.A flow of new Butterfly variants followed soon after.Yet again, the new variant had been disguised as a shareware program and put into circulation via electronic bulletin boards. Some changes had been made to the original virus - the most significant difference is that the new variant is capable of infecting both COM and EXE files, whereas the original virus infects only COMs.This time, the virus was hidden in the packet SPORT21C. According to the packet's description it contained a program for inspecting the functioning of the computer's serial- and parallel ports. The virus text was also changed to read "Hurray The Crusaders".None of the Butterfly variants which have so far been discovered activates in any way. There are times that we carry on a conversation via message. I think that depends on whether their facility has the tablets.


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