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Tokyo friends japanese dating

We’ve talked before about gokon, matchmaking parties in Japan where friends gather an equal number of unattached guys and girls.

But as both men and women lead increasingly busy, socially isolated lives, many are finding their circle of acquaintances isn’t large enough to put together a proper gokon with.

Be gentle and patient to ease into that sort of thing.No matter how deeply you respect someone’s core values, or how physically attractive you find them, it’s hard to build a successful romantic relationship without some common interests.So it’s really no surprise that an upcoming singles party in Tokyo’s anime mecca of Akihabara is looking for men and women with a shared love of animation.Some of the areas that will work best for you are listed in this quick guide.They are the same names as the train stations so they should be easy to find. I recommend this book – Nanpa: A Beginner’s Guide to the Japanese Art of Girl-Hunting and How To Pick Up Japanese Girls (Japanese Dating Phrases) which is available only on the Amazon Kindle.▼ Mikasa is too busy killing Titans to go out to dinner with you, anyway.Some people have asked me how to start dating Japanese women, so I had a friend of mine write this quick guide to help you pick up Japanese girls while in Japan.Akihabara may be Tokyo’s most famous otaku shopping district, it’s not the only place to get your anime merchandise fix in Japan’s capital.Ikebukuro, on the northwest edge of Tokyo’s downtown, may be too large and mainstream for any one subculture to completely overrun the neighborhood, but it does boast a number of anime retail outlets, including the stretch of shops known collectively as Otome Road.For the type of Japanese girl you would like to meet, you shouldn’t be too bold since many of the young women in Tokyo are very shy and embarrass easily.Start with some simple conversation and try to use some Japanese if you know some.


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