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White women resentment of east asian women dating white men whisper box dating

Were these embittered whites and Asians that came up with these terms? The word "fever" suggests that there is something wrong with the person for being attracted to a person of a different race and that they are abnormal or have a fetish.In fact it might be kind of weirder since it's more incestuous like.It's also pretty uncommon to see them marrying anyone else other than men of their own race or white men. Many American men are finding wives and love in other countries such as in Russia.The stereotype is that Asian women are passive, delicate, quiet and that western men (Caucasians) are masculine and powerful.Some feminists say that these Caucasian men who have "yellow fever" objectify these Asian women as sexual objects. Men see women in a sexual light period regardless of their race.And if they didn't why are you spending all of your money to look good?Maybe all are not hardworking or studious, but in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. They have the courts behind their backs and they feel entitled due to feminism. Many people have more in common with other people of their same race, culture and age than they know of.if you are not hardworking then you are probably not Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Not every Asian is studious or excels at school, but nearly everyone is going to get some pressure from the culture and/or their family to do so. They may be Asian by race, but their mindset is that of an American woman. For example, the mindset of a Chinese woman and a Chinese American women is totally different. An American who claims he is Chinese is only telling part of the story.

In one study on facial attractiveness Asian women were considered the most attractive females.

I'd say that on the surface some of those things could be said as true.

Before you freak out I do not think all Asian women are quiet, shy or submissive.

It's like me saying that since I am mostly an Irish American that I am Irish and an expert on Irish ways, culture, etc. Go to China and tell the Chinese there that you are Chinese and they will laugh at you - at least some will.

In fact as an Asian American you may feel ostracized a bit as on the outside you are going to fit in, but on the inside you are a foreigner.


  1. Can Asian Guys Attract White. attract the eyes of our thai men are mostly northern east asian women. in dating, most asian women are favored because.

  2. Asian men -- what do you love about Western women. It appears that Asian men who are dating or married. As for the compatibility of Asian men and white women.

  3. White chicks HATE Asian women for exactly that reason. There is something about seeing a member of a different race dating “your” men/women. women by white men.

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