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And they came to us and said, "Look, why are we actually waiting until these patients are SO deconditioned and they're feeling SO unwell, and then we try and rehabilitate them?Wouldn't it be a way better, much more effective approach if we actually intervene with the exercise at the same time that they commence their therapy? Now we want you to get on an exercise bike, and now I want you to start doing some weights," because it is, you know, a new concept, yeah, of course we're all nervous about it.As far as I know, this is a world first, to have that close to the actual chemotherapy, radiation therapy suites. NARRATION...director of the renowned Exercise Medicine Research Institute here in Perth, Western Australia.NARRATIONThe man behind this audacious new program, which includes a gym built inside the cancer treatment centre, is Professor Robert Newton... Prof Robert Newton A lot of our research is actually driven by the oncologists, because they're right working with the patients and they see what's happening.If you’re partnered already, the next step could be waiting - engagement, moving in, marriage, starting a family, renewing your passion for each other etc. You don’t really shout about your talents and how hard you’ve grafted to get here, but you’re about to be recognised and rewarded for that.If you’re single, then this year has the potential to throw the love of a lifetime into your path. Expect promotions, appreciation, raises and celebrations at work.Cancer remains a potentially lethal lottery and everyone's experience is different.

Prof Robert Newton Somewhere between 10% and 15%, depending on the length of duration that they're actually undergoing chemotherapy. Dr Jonica Newby How much weight did you lose in the end? Robyn Williams(ON AIR) The first ever computer programmer... The only thing which will do that is highly targeted, prescribed, tailored exercise.

Dr Jonica Newby You've literally, this minute, come from chemo? Dr Jonica Newby..doctors think it will be a game-changer.

Prof Robert Newton This is our exercise medicine clinic here at the cancer care centre.

In the last three years, some fascinating discoveries have been made about what exercise does to the immune system.

Our bodies are making potential cancer cells all the time, but our immune system regularly finds them and destroys them.


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