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The question has always been on the mind – and in the remonstrations – of mankind when faced with technological revolution.

Artificial intelligence can be used on a closer scale to home with Allianz, a leading insurance group, deciding to go ahead with a project to determine the amount of damages due from the photographs that will be taken on the site of the car accident.

The Swiss company, AXA Winterthur, already proposes its younger policyholders a reduction in premiums if they accept to install a black box in their car that will faithfully record their driving habits, the data collected being used to better fix the price for the insurance protection offered.

Kratz, the threat to reckon with is more a question of how management and decision-makers – with little perspective or understanding of the tool – will use it as an all-powerful black box to run their company and its offer.

Although there is little evidence to suggest that the giants have taken the road to car insurance using AI, the sheer size of their databases may easily allow them to do so, just as they have enabled them to use big data to determine user profiles and display targeted products from anything from clothes, dating agencies and funeral arrangements.


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