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Us telephone adult chat lines

However, Fictional will pay a fee to Anytowntel for carrying the call from your house to Fictional's long-distance switch in your region. Fictional will then incur costs on its internal network, or will incur costs for the use of some other carrier's network if Fictional is a re-seller, to carry your call from its LD switch near you to its U. outbound international gateway, and from there to the inbound international gateway on the island of Hypothetica.

Fictional then pays the Hypothetical Telephone Company a fee for completing the last leg of the call on its island.

The foreign telco's actual cost of handling the call is minimal, since it is carried literally a few meters within the same building. [No reference to any actual company is intended nor should be inferred.] You pick up your phone and dial a telesleaze number in the Republic of Hypothetica.

Also, many countries that initially embraced telesleaze as a boost to their economies came to see it as a stain on their national reputation and an impediment to attracting legitimate business.

(See the paragraph about Tuvalu below.) The days when you could hardly sit through a half-hour sitcom without an ad for "Ten-Ten-Blah Blah Blah" long distance are gone, and so, too, are the days when you could hardly open a freebie newspaper without seeing dozens of ads for adult chat lines supposedly in countries you've never heard of. are familiar with 900 and 976 numbers, as well as other prefixes that are used in some areas.

By "Telesleaze" I refer primarily to sexually oriented telephone lines, but also other services where the service operator receives revenue from each call. Other countries have prefixes such as 08 (and several others) in the U. All of those prefixes are for domestic use only, and are subject to laws and regulations that may restrict content and/or offer consumer protections such as a requirement that the cost of the call be clearly identified during an initial period that allows the customer to hang up without charge. dials a number in another country, a portion of the cost of the call goes to the telephone company in the other country, to pay for the cost of completing that leg of the call.

It doesn't meet my definition of "charges presented in a clear and forthright manner." The phone bill should not be a substitute for a credit card, used to charge any sort of expense with only a tenuous connection — if any at all — to the telephone.

In answer to a current television ad, no, I don't think it would be great to be able to charge a can of soda to my cellphone.


  1. Personally, I have no objection to allowing consenting adults access to whatever content they might want, whether it's lotto numbers, psychic help lines, adult chat rooms, or one-on-one sexual fantasy talk, so long as the caller knows what he or she is calling and the charges are presented in a clear and forthright manner.

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  3. Adult chat lines phone sex and tech support are a very common use of premium-rate numbers. Other services include directory enquiries, weather forecasts, competitions and voting especially relating to television shows. Diplomatic services, such as the US embassy in London or the UK Embassy in Washington, have.

  4. Telephones in Canada work exactly like telephones in the USA, and similarly to Euopean phones. These live and pre-recorded services include adult chat lines, vote casting, horoscopes, soap opera updates, psychic consultations, games, donations processing, sports scores, weather forecasts, translation, and medical.

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