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Sf dating com

I had a hairstylist in the city once tell me that one of the perks of the guy she was seeing was the fact that he owned his own house.He paid about ,000 in homeowner taxes every year, and that was it. If that’s not a unicorn by San Francisco standards, I don’t know what is. I think the number of REALLY great men FAR outnumber the idiots here in San Francisco. What we gotta do, is stop giving attention to the dum-dums. just hoping we are wrong and When really, we need to trust that instinct.

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Hiking, camping, road-tripping, excursions on the weekend, sailing, surfing! Or are we going to be bitter and held back by past experiences? And thankful that we’re set up in a beautiful city with a LOT of amazing men.

I dated someone who lived right on the N, and it was a freaking godsend.

If I was at his place and needed to get downtown, riding Muni saved me 20 minutes compared to my usual commute on an awful 38 bus.

But in addition to starting an exciting new job, I moved here with the intention of finding a new man.

Little did I know that the dating scene in San Francisco is a little from that of the rest of the state.


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