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Dare adult chat

G, PG-13 and R ratings should be thought of like movie ratings. Some of the dares are silly, but they are creative and fun.

Karen was a little over 5' tall with long brunette hair.Danielle and my wife sat with the other two women on the sofas drinking coffee.I hate board games at the best of times and last Christmas she had got out a battle of the sexes game and made us all play it.The bottle pointer landed on me and I grabbed a truth card."Yes." I replied and put the card at the bottom of the pile.I half expected some pointless question and so read out the card without really thinking.This party needed a kick and I was about to provide it.A friend of mine once did some hilarious dares on webcam just to find out that several people were watching the screen in secret! Another good dare to do is whatever color ur clothes r the other Person has to take off any clothes that color.There is a game "Guess the object" in which you take close photographs of any object and then the other person will have to guess it correctly.Do some fun stuff kind of ‘dares’ like take off your shoe and suck on your big toe for 30 seconds—that kind of stuff.Truth or dare has been the go-to game of slumber parties and college fun for years.


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  2. Use this list of dare party ideas to turn your party into an unforgettable night. Includes dares for indoors, and ideas for playing in public - if you dare!

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