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Exploring online dating and customer relationship management Free sexy vidio chat room without registration

Previous research contributions in this area not only analyze the new and emerging structures of communication, but also question the relationship between companies and their customers in social networks.Other research contributions discuss relevant phenomena or concentrate on the position of individual customers within social networks.

Our research shows that digitalization heavily affects established customer relationships as well as processes and, thus, concentrating on customer needs and customer experience is more important than ever.

Customers are aware of the issue Big Data and decide on the provision of their data according to an individual calculus. It focuses on the measurement and an economically viable improvement of the quality of customer data as success factors for companies.

Furthermore, it sheds light on the privacy-calculus of customers.

Recently, issues such as sustainability and corporate responsibility gained a lot of attention in science and application.

The growing customer demand for sustainability leads companies to adapt their business models and give the ground for new research ideas, which are subsumed under the research focus .


  1. The purpose of this article is to define and explore customer relationship management CRM beyond the technology. CRM is more than. Technology - like CRM software and integrated database systems - that make online ordering possible at any time of day frees his sales team to talk about what they want to. Here are.

  2. Finally, we introduce and beta test the Virtual Date, offering potential dating partners the opportunity to acquire experiential information by exploring a virtual environment in. S. Nambisan, R. A. BaronInteractions in virtual customer environments Implications for product support and customer relationship management.

  3. Nov 21, 2017. Exploring the Customer Relationship Management Practices of Online Shopping Malls in Hong Kong. Article PDF Available in International Journal of. reverse-coded 7d The information from the online shopping mall is not always up-to-date. 8c The online. shopping mall's pages do not load rapidly.

  4. Jan 1, 2014. This study explores how customer relationship management CRM systems support customer knowledge creation processes 48, including. Tan, X. Yen, D. C. and Fang, X. Internet integrated customer relationship management - a key success factor for companies in the E-commerce arena. Journal of.

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