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Use 2 words when referring to an article published on a blog. Upper case for the BBC fundraising event, lower case for children in need census.

The first time you use an abbreviation or acronym explain it in full on each page unless it’s well known, like UK, DVLA, US, EU, VAT and MP. Then refer to it by initials, and use acronym Markdown so the full explanation is available as hover text. Don’t use an acronym if you’re not going to use it again later in the text. Only use upper case when referring to the name of an academy, like Mossbourne Community Academy. For example, ‘a class of 15 16-year-old students took the A level course’ can be written as ‘15 students aged 16 took the A level course’. Use and rather than &, unless it’s a department’s logo image or a company’s name as it appears on the Companies House register.

If there’s a point of style that isn’t covered here, check The Guardian. If you think an acronym is well known, please provide evidence that 80% of the UK population will understand and commonly use it. Upper case when referring to the Agile Manifesto and principles and processes, otherwise use lower case.

You can also refer to the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors for advice on hyphenation. Evidence can be from search analytics or testing of a representative sample.

Content on the site often makes a direct appeal to citizens and businesses to get involved or take action: ‘You can contact HMRC by phone and email’ or ‘Pay your car tax’, for example. You can use bullet points to make text easier to read.

Lower case even in a name: Northampton borough council. The only acceptable use of square brackets is for explanatory notes in reported speech: “Thank you [Foreign Minister] Mr Smith.” Don’t use round brackets to refer to something that could either be singular or plural, like ‘Check which document(s) you need to send to DVLA.’ Always use the plural instead, as this will cover each possibility: ‘Check which documents you need to send to DVLA.’ See Great Britain Upper case. Upper case in titles: Spencer Tracy, Chairman, GDS. The acronym should come first as it’s more widely known than the full name.


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