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Partition magic stuck on updating system

Not sure why that'd matter but it might show better what is breaking down. From my opinion resizing is not a stable method for changing the partitions quota on your hdd,this is just my point of view,,, the only suggestion i can give you is ,save your sensitive data,you have the tools to do it,i am not speaking about imaging ,the partition is faulty so the image too,if you had made an image before the resizing then make the partitions as they were before the resizing,make C:\ as big (GB) as it was before ,thus you can make the recovery from this very image....******** After resizing a partition with Partition Magic, computer does not boot Situation: After changing the size of a partition with Partition Magic, the computer does not start, and only a black screen is displayed. And I mis-heard him when in the earlier post I said it was i'd rather do a new installation after saving all senisitive data;new partitioning and starting with the windows installation from scratch...I was able to resize my SATA drive using PM 8.0 on an MSI K8N Neo2 motherboard, which uses the n Force3 chipset.I did get a read error at the end, but it did the operation successfully. I think you're right about SATA RAID drives not being recognized in DOS.

there is also another version of partition magic: Norton partition magic 8;do you have this one?

I have a new system with the C drive as SATA-II Raid-0.

(2 drives) I used Partition Magic 8 to create a new partition E after C.

I have a samsung lite, nothing is wrong with phone its self....

but earlier today the phone made me update the android OS...


  1. AOMEI Partition Assistant product edition history, view change log of the product versions.

  2. Partition Magic 8.0 Soft32server Download Partition Magic 8.0. Your free download will start shortly.

  3. I have a Samsung S4 Mini GT-i9195 and recently I've updated it to CyanogenMod 13, it was stuck on Android 4.4. The /system partition has 1.5GB and it was full with.

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