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Xbox 360 not updating from usb

The updates can be downloaded from the Xbox Live service directly to the Xbox 360 and subsequently installed.

Microsoft has also provided the ability to download system software updates from their respective official Xbox website to their PCs and then storage media, from which the update can be installed to the system.

In system, the Xbox 360 Dashboard had the ability to have multiple profiles with password on the same console with each user being able to customize the dashboard to exactly fit their own unique style.

There were premium themes available for purchase on the Xbox Live Marketplace apart from the default styles.

The Xbox 360 system software includes built in software emulation support for the original Xbox game system.

Software emulation is achieved with downloadable emulation profiles, which require a hard drive.

Two years later, Microsoft launched a new dashboard set for the release of the Microsoft Kinect, adding a fresh new user interface with a touch of silver, but in late 2011 a system update again came with a complete new user interface with a Metro-style design inspired by Windows Phone.

The Xbox 360 game system allows users to download applications that add to the functionality of the dashboard.

Most apps required the user to be signed into a valid Xbox Live Gold account in order to use the features advertised for the given app.

In 2008 however, when the gaming scene changed dramatically because of the competitions with the Play Station 3 and the Wii, a new Xbox Dashboard titled the New Xbox Experience (NXE) was launched, which features major changes in both the user interface and other functionalities.

The new user interface had a navigation system similar to that of Windows Media Center.


  1. Aug 9, 2013. Hey guys i was wondering if i can update my modded xbox to the latest version, and if its safe or not ? and will it flash my drive back to stock ? i bought this xbox like 3 months ago and as far as i know its flashed to LT 3.0 its a xbox360 slim 4gb some other information 1- dashboard v2.0.14719.0

  2. Most consoles will automatically download and install the associated Destiny release when a physical disc is inserted. However players that purchased digital copies of Destiny game content, including.

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