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Soul eater dating sim game

Additionally, we see sibling pairs such as Liz and Patty and Fire and Thunder, in which the weapon form and abilities of one sibling are nearly identical to those of the other.The ultimate form of a weapon is considered the Death Scythe, which is attained by consuming ninety-nine Kishin eggs (tainted human souls) and one witch soul, in exactly that sequence.For example, most weapons, such as Liz and Patty (pistols), Marie (hammer), and Nygus (knife), transform directly into their respective weapon forms.On the other hand, some weapons, such as Soul and Spirit (scythes) can engage in partial transformations, changing only certain parts of their bodies to certain aspects of their weapons depending on the occasion.The rough opposites of Death Scythes are weapons that cross over to the dark side by consuming the pure souls of innocent humans.

With a few exceptions, weapons generally fight in conjunction with their human meisters.In the series, the way that weapons function is compared to how amplifiers work for electric guitars: the meister has a certain attack ability, or wavelength, and the weapon allows the meister to channel and amplify that wavelength into a powerful, tangible form.To fight at their highest potential, the meister and weapon must be in tune with each other, for if they are not, even something so simple as holding the weapon can be a challenge.Despite their flexibility, however, weapons do work best with their own partners because their wavelengths are most complimentary.While most weapons are wielded by meisters, a few, such as Justin, fight independently.Hopefully by now you've got a more solid understanding of Soul Eater's weapons!Technical information aside, they all have their own distinct personalities (and great designs), and just watching them be themselves is one of the biggest pleasures of Soul Eater.An even stranger case is Crona and Ragnarok, who share the same body, but depending on Ragnarok's form, the person in charge seems to change.When Ragnarok is in sword form, Crona does most of the maneuvering, but since Ragnarok is actually an extension of Crona's blood, he sometimes acts independently to control the way that blood moves outside of Crona's body.In the Soul Eater series, we will see a lot of different weapons that are being used by the characters.But the scythe definitely sticks out from the rest.


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  3. Nov 1, 2015. Soul Eater Weapon Mechanics. The plot of Soul Eater is fantastic, but one of the anime's best features is its interpretation of the weapon as a living person. Not only do weapons in Soul Eater have personalities, but also extensive and incredibly interesting backgrounds. Read on to learn more about how.

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