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Who is lynn collins dating

'10 Years' is the story of group of former high school friends that reunite ten years after their graduation.

The reunion brings together best friends Jake, Cully, Reeves, AJ, and Marty; Jake is now in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Jess who he wishes to marry, former jock Cully is now married to his cheerleader girlfriend from school, Sam, Reeves is now a famous musician with fans everywhere while pranksters AJ and Marty haven't really changed in the slightest and are still trying to gain the attention of the beautiful and popular Anna.

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He becomes involved in a massive conflict on the planet, with civilisation on Barsoom dying as a result.It fails to realize that there's not nearly enough weed on this planet for its supposedly deep observations to blow your mind.As a result, moments meant to instill fear either evoke boredom or, more often, the giggles.Things take a heavy turn when Jake's high school sweetheart Mary shows up at the reunion bash and he can't seem to switch off his feelings for the sake of his girlfriend who is clearly troubled by the situation.On the other hand, a new romance looks set to ignite when Reeves runs into his old crush Elise and the group begin to realise that they have far from grown up in the last decade; it's as if their high school lives had been put on standby until they were all together again and could finally pick up where they left off."), which has been his acting technique for over a decade.Or, perhaps he would lapse into the Foghorn Leghorn accent that made The Recruit such a hoot.Which makes the fact that Numb has a romance at its core all the stranger: Perry's Hudson is a high-power screenwriter and before long he's dating Sarah (Lynn Collins), a studio exec who is taken with him when Hudson and partner Tom (Kevin Pollak) drop by to pitch her a script.It's unclear why she's smitten by the nearly catatonic Hudson...Soon after they hook up, Peter becomes increasingly convinced that his body's been colonized by bugs -- bugs laying eggs and traveling up and down his bloodstream.Peter claims to be an escapee from a government medical lab where he was the subject of nefarious tests.


  1. Aug 25, 2005. Keanu Reeves was reported last night to be embroiled in a romance with Diane Keaton, the actress who is nearly 20 years his senior. Reeves, 40, was reported to have dumped actress girlfriend Lynn Collins, 28, to date the 59-year-old Oscar winner.

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