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Validating the security credentials

I am not going to explain in detail about the mechanisms in this article, we will discuss it in my series of articles on WCF Security.

The client is successfully authenticated only if the verification drops good results.

Message Confidentiality It ensures that data in the message is highly confidential and private and is not read by unauthorized parties. Whereas the message integrity is the message would not be altered in the network.

Without the message confidentially you cannot achieve the message integrity and vice versa.

Say for examle the customer requests some amount from the bank, what if someone in the middle attacks the message by making some change in the values.

Integrity of data in transit is generally based on cryptographic techniques such as digital signatures.


  1. NOTE A valid account is required to validate the security license. If your account credentials are not configured, go back to the Credentials page to configure them. NOTE If you want to continue the Setup Wizard configuration without installing the.

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