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Alltel updating my blackberry pearl software

Curve looking dark and mysterious The 8330 is a solid 114 grams, a full 3 grams heavier than older Curves.

I know it might not seem much but this device does feel slightly heavier.

When he finally got his hands on his new Curve, he was already educated and hit the ground running.

While Paul may be new to Black Berry, he's not new to technology.

I was going to email, brick break and laugh in the face of Wi-Fi fees as I tethered with reckless abandon. The CDMA Curve, or 8330*, or s Curve, as some have called it, has the basic shape and size of older Black Berry Curves.I believe the memory increase is due to CDMA technology uses different software protocols than GSM, which may require more space.There is an internal GPS, but no Wi-Fi built into the device.He's a Print Production Artist / Graphic Designer in LA, has worked as an IT admin, computer tech and audio/visual specialist and reads sites like Crack Berry, BGR and Engadget constantly throughout the day.I think you'll enjoy his straight up review - I know I did. My background with Black Berry is short compared to some.The programming/software/etc isn't all completely different meaning I'll have to relearn as if this is a whole new phone? Do they have a list of common problems, and is that list longer than what one would consider common problems with the Pearl? Is the camera better than what was in the Pearl, or is it the same?Today we have Paul Johnson, aka pmjohnson99, with his in-depth impressions of Sprint's new Black Berry Curve 8330.Once I began to realize how much easier typing is in a Zen state of mind I began to speed up and develop my Black Berry Prayer Position: hands clinched, lips slightly moving almost mouthing a mantra, looking down in deep mediation…etc.The T-Mobile 8320 on the right, you notice the pure black screen and taller screen bezel on the 8330 Surrounding the screen of the 8330 is a beautiful rich-black plastic bezel.The taller bezel gives you the illusion of a taller screen and a more stylish device.There was also the removal of two slightly raised plastic rails flanking the screen making the screen area appear smooth and sleek.


  1. BlackBerry Curve 8330 Smartphone. About updating the BlackBerry Device Software from a web site. The application memory on my device is low.

  2. Considering the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230. 0 Why are all photos on my BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 black and white. Blackberry Desktop Software

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