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Many no longer think it’s that important to tie their religion to the Bible.They have no problem viewing environmental issues, energy use, and government from a very secularized view, although the direction and emphasis of most of these views had their beginning outside of Christianity and during the 1960’s.But if some one made it up, they made a good guess…because from the extensive records we now have from that time period we know that was the exact price of slave in that period.Before that time they were much cheaper and shortly afterward the price of a slave quickly inflated.

This could be an indicator that we have now entered the period of time called in Second Thessalonians, the Apostasy or “falling away”.His view of Scripture was much more subjective…and less binding on all.(3) The Feminist challenge: the Judeo Christian, Greek or Western view of man as a rational creature must be wrong because it is sexist…the question of who has the authority to define what sexist is and what the appropriate gender roles are, is usually left unasked and unanswered. (4) The challenge of Higher Criticism; A direct attack on the Bible; Started in Germany in the early 1800’s and taught the Bible must be wrong because; (A) They said there was no writing at the time of Moses, or the art of writing was not developed enough to be a vehicle for Moses’ religious writings, i.e. (B) The stories of the Patriarchs (like Abraham) couldn’t be accurate history as they had to have been made up and written centuries after they were supposed to have happened.Christianity is being stripped down to the gospel of receiving Christ as Savior…(if even that) and everything else in the bible that doesn’t please or fit the culture is being reinterpreted or ignored. There were at least 4 or 5 major attacks on the authority of Scripture stating in the late 18th century, and continuing through the 19 century into our day.The kings didn’t exist and besides they didn’t travel that much, and on and on. Great scholars who could read any number of languages both dead and extent, to whom those of academic circles bowed in awe. However, within thirty years the route would be authenticated by archeologists, as well as the exact towns.Other scholars of higher criticism would attach other parts of the Old Testament and almost no part of it would escape their withering attacks. But those great scholars would in time look more like buffoons than sophisticates, though the story of their folly isn’t told often enough. The names of the kings would be identified and associated with several Bronze Age burial mounds of that exact period of history.Probably the first scholar to apply German rationalism was Theodore Noldeke, who wrote a pamphlet about this chapter (Gen.14) calling it a forgery and describing Abrahams rescue as fictitious.Julius Wellhausen was next, who said the entire story with; .” The cities didn’t exist, and there was no such route at that time, they said.If you think this particular case is unusual, don’t.I could go on for pages explaining how the “rationalists” assured us the Hittites never existed, a law as complex as the Mosaic was totally out-of-place for that time period, the list is endless.


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