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Fep clients not updating definitions

The Group Update Provider also lets you offload processing power from the Endpoint Protection Manager if you need that option.

When you configure a Group Update Provider, you specify a host name or IP address and a TCP port number.

An Endpoint Protection Manager is still required to download and package content from Live Update, as well as for generating policy files.

The only thing third-party management replaces is the transfer of policies and content to the Endpoint Protection client.

In certain environments, you may want to download updates from an internal Live Update server rather than obtain updates from the Internet source servers.

Live Update Administrator 2.x may be preferable in: If you configure sites on your network for replication from another site, you can configure content updates (for example, Virus and Spyware Definitions) in the database of the primary site to replicate as part of the database.

The Group Update Provider provides updates to clients in the group, and any subgroups that inherit policies as set on the Clients tab.

If you have clients in a group at a remote location that have bandwidth issues over the WAN, make a client in the group the Group Update Provider.

The Group Update Provider must be a member of the group to which it provides updates.

Clicking this button launches a utility that downloads the latest content update.

If you configure unmanaged or local clients to allow changes to the Live Update schedule using a Live Update Settings policy, you can configure clients locally to download updates at specific times.


  1. We have an issue of FEP definitions not updating correctly. 1. Clients. spyware definitions did not update. AND DEFINITIONS. Faculty Evaluation Plan FEP.

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