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They've been introduced to the criminal justice system merely for appearing in them.Wyoming County District Attorney George Skumanick, Jr. The first option was to face felony child pornography charges, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.But federal prosecutors argued the models struck "illegally provocative," "lascivious," and "coy" poses that could entice pedophiles. As the website CNET reported in a story about Pierson, federal courts have made the definition of child porn so subjective, "judges and juries [are] faced with the difficult task of making distinctions between lawful and unlawful camera angles and facial expressions." When applied to "sexting" cases, that also leaves prosecutors like Skumanick far too much leeway—enough, for example, for him to believe he can prosecute a girl photographed in a bikini because finds the photo uncomfortably "provocative." But even when "sexted" photos are unquestionably explicit, there's no justification for criminal charges. Despite these high-profile cases, threats of prosecution, and public service announcements on MTV, surveys suggest that about 20-25 percent of young people college-aged and younger have taken or sent sent explicit photos of themselves. The root disconnect, here, is that the law treats pre-pubescent sex crimes on par with crimes related to teenagers who are sexually mature.Fact is, teenagers become sexually mature years before it's socially or legally permissible to think about them that way. Nor is the fact that teens make rash, emotional, spur-of-the-moment decisions.Sure, a band can improve their skills and craft songs that a wide audience will like, but that takes too long and is no guarantee. If I said that quote came from a Juggalo’s profile on OKCupid, you wouldn’t think twice about it. Is it trying to take the “f-word” back from some unseen oppressor? Putting f-bombs on your band shirt is so in right now. Not even room temperature Dominos Chicken Kickers ™ can make me feel this way.

Hospitals in 36 states will use this shirt in lieu of “Do Not Resuscitate” orders. Why repeat the band name in giant bold letters in a way that it’s virtually unreadable, therefore negating the purpose of repeating the band’s name in the first place? I think we can add a “megaliminal” to the list now after seeing this wearable version of the Norovirus.Until it was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2002, the 1996 Child Online Protection Act criminalized images of adults made to look like minors, as well as digitally manufactured photos of minors who don't actually exist.The second trend is the "for the children" excuse that no law ought to be questioned if its intent is to protect young people. Put these together, and you get the intellectually vacant policy of prosecuting children for sexually exploiting ..order to protect them from the people who might exploit them.And just to prove it, we're going to ruin your lives.These cases are the natural culmination of two trends.The harm here seems to be the possibility that somewhere, someone other than the intended recipient of these photos may be masturbating to them. But it's difficult to see how that presents tangible harm to the minors in the photos, certainly not to the point where the minors themselves ought to be prosecuted.Anyone turned on by the photos in Skumanick's case could just as easily placate themselves with an old Sears catalogue—and with no resulting damage to the models who posed in it.It isn't exactly clear from what or whom the authorities are protecting these teens.To my knowledge, there hasn't been a single case of a predator who tracked down, then raped, killed, or otherwise physically harmed a minor after viewing explicit photos of the child on the Internet or via images forwarded by cell phone. But given the media obsession with these stories, if it's happened with any frequency at all, we would have probably heard about it by now. A google search of “Apparitions band” brings up a few choices, but judging from the logo, it’s . For all I know, they could just be the latest clothing line from a juiced-up MMA fighter named Punch Machine Thundercock.


  1. Jan 25, 2010. The boneheaded logic behind treating "sexting" teens as child pornographers. The second trend is the "for the children" excuse that no law ought to be questioned if its intent is to protect young people. The resulting paternalism is built in. Put these together, and you get the intellectually vacant policy of.

  2. Aug 28, 2016. Watch Jenae Altschwager talk about her new weekly TV show produced at our studios in Hollywood California. She will talk about the behind the scenes reality about what goes on in Hollywood, sexting and the reality about this new trend called followers. She will say it the way it is as this is her show called.

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