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Dating royal worcester is mindless behavior dating anyone

Under the circle is written MADE IN ENGLAND or just ENGLAND.

The backstamp consists of the words ROYAL WORCESTER above and MADE IN ENGLAND beneath the circle.

Type 1 has a backstamp that consists of a shield with the words ROYAL CHINA WORKS over the top and WORCESTER underneath. This backstamp is actually the imprint of George Grainger and Company.

The Grainger porcelain works was started in 1801 by Thomas Grainger.

In order to differentiate between different Royal Worcester (RW) coddlers with the same or similar pattern, We use a combination of characteristics of the coddler. As more data becomes available to us, some of these types may change.

There are twelve major types of RW coddlers, which will be designated with an Arabic numeral (Type 1 through Type 12).


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