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Additionally, cockpit instruments do not present corresponding ILS warnings.- The area above the certified 3 degree ILS which is the 5.25 degree glide path and onward, is not part of the ILS Flight Inspection programme and therefore not part of the ILS ICAO certified volume of operation.

Consequently, aircraft flying above the certified volume of operation are exposed to risks related to ILS Signal Reversal and subsequent unexpected automatic flight system response resulting in severe pitch up.- Automated systems on board of aircraft assist the aircrew in performing there tasks on board and should never endanger the aircraft, passengers or crew without giving a clear, recognizable warning and ample time for the crew to react.- Flight crews decisions tot execute a go aurond or to challenge Air Traffic Control seem to be postponed too long when flying high above the normal vertical profile during an ILS apporach.

Intercepting such a mirror glidepath can lead to the autopilot substantially and unexpectedly pitching the aircraft.

The DSB argued, that they are investigating an incident of 2013 in Eindhoven, where the aircraft suddenly took a very high nose up attitude while on an ILS approach leading to a sharp decrease of airspeed until the stick shaker activated. The DSB stated that depending on the type of ILS being used there may be glidepath reversal indications outside the protected glidepath angle which would upon the aircraft going above that mirror glidepath resulting in a too low indication prompt the autopilot to increase the nose attitude until elevator and stabilizer reach their maximum nose up deflections.

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The main conclusions of the separate investigation were:- The ILS Image Type antenna category signal characteristics of false glide paths and corresponding cockpit instrument warnings do not correspond with generally received wisdom and training.- Signal Reversal sometimes occurs at approximately 6 degree glide path and always at the 9 degree glide path angle.

Ryanair- The Eindhoven occurrence was initially reported and assessed by the operator as a minor event which did not warrant CVR and FDR retention.

Separate investigation into ILS Findings from the Eindhoven incident revealed characteristics of ILS signals that were not generally known.

The DSB also referred to a BEA report, see Report: Air France A343 at Paris on Mar 13th 2012, intercepted mirror glide slope, large pitch oscillations and approach to stall.

On Dec 3rd 2013 the DSB made The Aviation Herald aware, that an English version of the safety warning has been released, too, and pointed out a misinterpretation of the Dutch version in The Aviation Herald's original summary concerning the 9 degrees mirror glide path. Eindhoven offers a runway 03/21 of 3000 meters/9840 feet length featuring ILS Category I (OCH 185 feet for runway 03, OCH 179 feet for runway 21) and NDB/DME approaches to both runways 03 and 21.


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  3. May 31, 2013. A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-ENL performing flight FR-3531 from Palma Mallorca,SP Spain to Eindhoven Netherlands with 126 passengers and 6 crew, was on final approach to Eindhoven's runway 21 at about L Z when the crew initiated a go-around. The aircraft positioned for.

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