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Emerge config file needs updating Live nude cam costa rica

Profiles obsoleted by new ones are kept in is put in the profile directory.

不建议使用emerge -C,因为它可能移除其他软件包的依赖,导致其他包无法使用。建议改用emerge -cv package-XXX; 多读手册,呃,RTFM。 emerge -avu DN会重新安装你移除了的包,是因为这个包被你的world(/var/lib/portage/world)文件中某一个包(直接或间接)依赖。可以用emerge的--tree选项查看: 代码: emerge -avu DN --tree @world /etc/systemd/system/smbd.service [Unit] Description=Samba SMB/CIFS server After=network.target nmbd.service winbindd.service [Service] Type=forking PIDFile=/var/run/samba/Exec Start=/usr/sbin/smbd -D Exec Reload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID [Install] Wanted By=multi-user.target 在吗 Akagi201 [email protected] ~/akwetalk (master*) $ sudo emerge dev-vcs/git-flow Password: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild N ~] dev-util/shflags-1.0.3 USE="-examples" [ebuild N ~] dev-vcs/git-flow-0.4.1 The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed: (see "package.accept_keywords" in the portage(5) man page for more details) # required by dev-vcs/git-flow (argument) =dev-vcs/git-flow-0.4.1 ~amd64 # required by dev-vcs/git-flow-0.4.1 # required by dev-vcs/git-flow (argument) =dev-util/shflags-1.0.3 ~amd64 Use --autounmask-write to write changes to config files (honoring CONFIG_PROTECT).

(don't use -3, -5, -7 or -9 if you're unsure what to do) (-1 to exit) (-3 to auto merge all files) (-5 to auto-merge AND not use 'mv -i') (-7 to discard all updates) (-9 to discard all updates AND not use 'rm -i'): Yokit -3 Akagi201 [email protected] ~/akwetalk (master*) $ sudo etc-update Scanning Configuration files...

1) /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords (1) Please select a file to edit by entering the corresponding number. Akagi201 哦 Akagi201 我是第一次装 Akagi201 以前遇到过一次这种, 后来不会解决了 Yokit 有些软件包开发活跃, 没等stable版就直接开发下一个版本了.

While that's the way things usually go, sometimes changes are made to the core system which require updates to be done manually.

A recurring question about the Gentoo release process is: "Why roll out new releases frequently, if they are not intended to let users update software?

(don't use -3, -5, -7 or -9 if you're unsure what to do) (-1 to exit) (-3 to auto merge all files) (-5 to auto-merge AND not use 'mv -i') (-7 to discard all updates) (-9 to discard all updates AND not use 'rm -i'): -3 Replacing /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords with /etc/portage/._cfg0000_package.accept_keywords Exiting: Nothing left to do; exiting.

The files in the parent directories are part of the profile as well (and are therefore shared by different subprofiles).Device does not contain a recognized partition table.This can be accomplished with the following: livecd linux # time make -j2 ..* add "dolvm" for lvm support * With support for several ext* filesystems available, it may be needed to * add "rootfstype=ext3" or "rootfstype=ext4" to the list of boot parameters.It is important to upgrade these packages properly before moving to the next step.OBJCOPY arch/x86/boot/BUILD arch/x86/boot/bz Image Setup is 15552 bytes (padded to 15872 bytes).* Additional kernel cmdline arguments that *may* be required to boot properly...Copying is bad, so here it is, split out as its own separate project.You’ll need a project that you version with one of our supported VCSs (currently Git and Mercurial, but it should be pretty easy to add backends for other systems)Warning: Permanently added '[localhost]:2244' (ED25519) to the list of known hosts.From the beginning, Gentoo was designed around the concept of fast, incremental updates.A profile is a set of configuration files, stored in a subdirectory of , that describe things such as the ebuilds that are considered system packages, the default USE flags, the default mapping for virtual packages, and the architecture on which the system is running.


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