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Nude dating service Using webcam cam2cam when online

they pull the bad element off as soon as investigated and reported. I am a man and POF has no idea the some gay guys are logging on as women. It only got worse to the point I had to turn my notification off.

I know the goal is to interact with people for possible dating or relationship, but when you have 400 men in one weekend contacting you, it was just too much.

I am now pursuing a relationship with a gentleman of substance. And lonely and trying to use good judgment and integrity as I'm starting to date again.

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I can't receive responses from members paying or non paying I've sent messages to. Not even sure if these people I've sent messages to are even still a member. Your profile gets constantly deleted for absolutely no reason and once your profile is deleted you can never sign back up again.

When I signed up for the 6 month membership there was nothing saying this was going to be an automatic renewal so I had nothing to check or unsubscribe to when I put the order through.

I haven't subscribed to this site, and probably won't because they misrepresent what you can do for free.

Since I choose women of all races as possible matches, my conclusion - they didn't like or respect my preferences. People don't put much effort into creating their profiles, nor do they put much effort into reading the profiles of others.

I was with Plenty of Fish before and the site was ok then. I think it speaks to the larger issue of folks just not paying attention to life in general.


  1. Yet men post nude pictures on their profile and that's fine with this sham of a dating site. They are promoting the harassment and abuse of women on this site. And if a woman doesn't want to date a man or simply doesn't reply to his messages she is deleted. The idiot who reported my profile said it had to be fake because.

  2. Jan 7, 2015. Online dating has become as common as meeting someone at a bar or through a mutual friend. 420 Singles isn't the most populated dating site, but that's probably because users keep forgetting their passwords. 7. At least you won't have to wonder what they look like naked before you guys meet.

  3. Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles.

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