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Some have left a troubled or contentious marriage; some feel they have been the one left; some have never looked up from a career; some have weathered the illness and death of a partner; and some have decided they are finally ready to settle down.” Most don’t want to be alone.

Some Important Considerations Notwithstanding these different starting points, here are some common issues worth considering as you take on midlife dating as a personal experience.

Dating at midlife If you're swimming in the pool of availability, dating rules and opportunities to meet other people have really changed since "back in the day." But since I have been married for a little over 30 years, I'm not the one to ask, so I've done some digging around the Internet and will share a few things I've learned. The variety of online dating sites can be dizzying, he said.

Just like the Internet has opened up many avenues of knowledge to us, it's also opened up over 1,000(! There are mainstream sites like Match.com, which appeal to a very broad audience; sites that specifically target people over 50; and sites that target certain religions or ethnicities.

Death of a Spouse or Partner Divorce of a Spouse – Breakup of a Long Term Relationship Divorce is so common in this culture that most people know of the guilt, rage, rejection and devastation that both partners carry in its wake.

In a study of “Divorce at Midlife and Beyond” based on 1,147 respondents between the ages 40-79, the greatest fear reported was of being alone ( 45%) followed by the fear of failing again (31%).

When you introduce dating into the reality of midlife, the worries increase and the assets are too easily forgotten. ” For too many, Bob Seeger’s famous lyric applies, “I wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then!

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The reality is that despite the horror stories of friends or the fictional depictions of perfect couples repelling down snowy peaks, the experience of midlife dating really depends upon your goal.

Along with that is something I like to think of as "boomer enlightenment": a realization that our days are numbered and precious, and divorce might be preferable to staying in an unhappy marriage.

Finally, there are more women in the workforce than ever before, giving them the economic autonomy and freedom that more easily allows for divorce. Finkel, a professor of social psychology at Northwestern University and coauthor of a study of online dating, thinks highly of this method of meeting potential mates. It is a marvelous tool to meet people you might not have otherwise met," he told

As divorce among older adults has risen, so has their rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports rates of syphilis and chlamydia have risen among older people.

In fact, the rate of STDs has more than doubled among middle-aged and elderly adults in the past decade. Reasons aren't clear, but there are several theories: the popularity of erectile dysfunction drugs makes sex possible for more aging men; older couples aren't worried about pregnancy and so don't use condoms; or baby boomers who ushered in an era of sexual freedom just want to keep enjoying it.


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