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The order for the sale of slaves bore the stamp of the terrorist organization and was dated October 16, 2014.

Pictured below, it describes and regulates the sale of enslaved women, including the prices of a variety of ages.

Her sale price was advertised on the webpage as eighteen thousand dollars.

According to the NDR and the SWR , many Yazidi women were similarly sold through the Internet.

ISIS has been generating millions of dollars through the sale of women and children abducted from the regions it has conquered.

While the Yazidi slave trade is well publicized in the West, we also chillingly learned through our ISIS Defectors Interview Project, that ISIS has not only enslaved Yazidi women (who they claim as devil worshippers), but also women who were the wives and daughters of its so-called enemies--most of them Sunni Muslims.

After the payment was made and carefully counted, release of Hoda (identified as number twelve slave) with her three children was arranged with Abu Mital being told that someone would call him for their delivery.The building they entered looks like a regular office building from the outside.Inside, the ISIS slave dealers used cash counting machines to make sure the amount is correct.(Picture credit to The middleman in this case, goes by the Arabic kunya of Abu Mital and is from Iraq.He brokers trades for Yazidi families to buy their relatives back from the hands of the ISIS.While he manages to rescue the enslaved family members, the money he collects directly supports and goes into the coffers of ISIS.In the German news video , he claims that he directly negotiates with ISIS via online chat rooms and Whats App.This echoes our ISIS Defectors Interviews Project data in which we also were told the sex slaves had their children taken from them--including breastfeeding babies--and were faced with execution unless they succumbed to becoming the objects of systematic rape.After the German video aired on the German TV channels on Nov 30, 2015, the Gaziantep Bar Association made a complaint to the Turkish justice system though the Gaziantep Prosecutor's Office.When the family met with their relatives, the sad story did not end there.Hoda and her children learned that her husband, and their father, had been slaughtered by ISIS.


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