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Simply put: The only way to know for sure if historic resources exist in any given area at the present time is to go out into the field and check for their presence or absence.Most historic resources in GNAHRGIS have been assessed by the Historic Preservation Division for their significance and eligibility in terms of the National Register of Historic Places Criteria for Evaluation.Per the disclaimer shown when entering this site, users of the site assume all responsibility in judgement of the use of this feature.Welcome to GNAHRGIS: Georgia's Natural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources GIS.However, there are limitations to the field survey data currently being used to populate the GNAHRGIS system: All things being equal, older field surveys are generally less inclusive (and therefore less reliable) than more recent field surveys.Older, less-inclusive field surveys generally contain up to a few hundred historic resources per county; newer, more-inclusive surveys generally include from several hundred to a thousand or more historic resources.

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New information about the owners, occupants, users, or builders of a resource or about events, activities, or developments historically associated with it can change its assessment of significance.No historic resources field survey data for these areas is available in GNAHRGIS.Click here for a map and list of unsurveyed areas of the state.Many of the state's oldest field surveys, predating the mid-1980s, exist only in paper files at the Historic Preservation Division's offices.No information about these surveyed resources is included in the GNAHRGIS system.You will need to visit the Historic Preservation Division's offices to make use of these surveys . For information about using paper survey files at the Historic Preservation Division's office or to make an appointment, call the Historic Preservation Division's Survey and Register Specialist at 404-651-5911.Some areas of the state have never been field surveyed for historic resources.These survey forms with their 35mm contact prints provide the only available photographic coverage of many surveyed resources.However, the printed data on the scanned survey forms-particularly the assessments of National Register eligibility-may have been superseded by data in the computerized GNAHRGIS database.Disclaimer: These historic county map products are digitized, processed and displayed using standard GIS processing practices including geo-referencing.Although the historic county map sheets sources are geo-referenced, no warranties may be given for exact locations of features represented on the historic maps relative to present features due to the historic nature of the sources and other limitations.


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