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From your feedback, we got wireless, power plug access, hacking space areas right this year, but had problems with on-site catering taking the break beverages and snacks away too soon.

The use of meal cards continues to be very popular, and the catering at the off-site events was well received and appreciated.

February 16, 2018 AM When I designed virgl I added a capability system to pass some info about the host GL to the guest driver along the lines of gallium caps.

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On a positive note, the wireless woes of 2016 were resolved, and survey feedback indicated satisfaction in this area.

Communication – People generally approved of the communication from the committee (we didn’t spam you too much), and you were able to find the talks you wanted to attend.

The authors and miniconf leads that responded, followed the trend.

Keeping the focus on solving problems rather than presenting status is something we have improved on, and will continue to emphasize for next year.

There were lots of great suggestions in the “what one thing would you like to see changed”, and the program committee has been studying them to see what is possible to implement this year.


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